Control & Base Fight Package



This features the Control and Base Fight (2008) gametypes that I have made for the Base Fight maps, which are also included in the package.

These gametypes will be played at the SoF3.TK game-server on Wednesdays and per requests of course.

Credits goes to Dgx for the idea to the Base Fight gametype and for creating the Base Fight maps, shaders and models.



Control & Base Fight Package
Developer: Christian V. Schmidt, AKA Commando.DK
Host address: SoF3.TK

 (BaFi) Base Fight (2008)

This is a remake of the "Base Fight" and "B@se Fight" gametypes by Dgx.

In this gametype each team can build a number of things (usualy 10) to improve their base.
1 team point is rewarded for each construction.
To build anything the players must retrieve toolboxes from the base of their enemies and use them at their own construction points.

The time it takes to use the toolboxes is defined by gt_buildTime.

A dropped toolbox is returned to the enemy base after an interval defined by gt_flagReturnTime.

 (Ctrl) Control

This is an implementation of the Control gametype known from SoF1.

Each controlpoint rewards the team that last touched it in intervals defined by gt_beaconInterval.

Currently only the "Base Fight"-maps provides what is required for this gametype; 3 or more gametype items (or triggers) evenly distributed on the map.

 Fixed maps

Dgx's maps B@Fi_Forest, BaFi_Jordan, BaFi_Lande and BaFi_Town have been hex-edited to _all_ support the new trigger- and item-definitions of Control and Base Fight (2008). Previously they did not all support the same gametype anyway. Some issues with language and line breaks in the messages have also been fixed.

The gametype- and map-files have been separated because that prevents the pk3s of the maps from being included in the auto-download-queue when the maps are not being played. "gt_BaFi_Ctrl.pk3" contains the common files for the gametypes and "xjordan.npc" from BaFi_Jordan.pk3, because that too caused the pk3 of that map to be auto-downloaded when the map wasn't being played. To minimize the download size, the textures of the toolbox-models have been compressed and the signs and icons have been remade.


The server will need to have the fixed versions of the maps in order to play the Control and Base Fight (2008) gametypes.
Clients can join the "Base Fight" and "Base Fight (2008)" gametypes regardless of whether they have the old or the new versions of the files.

I recommend removing these files from any folders under your SoF2 folder:

Extract BaFi_Ctrl_Package.zip in your [SoF2]/BASE/MP/ folder.

For further details see the txt-files in each of the pk3s.


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