Creeper Ak74

Here is a great ak74 skin that is very high quality download it now and give it a blast you wont be disopointed :p


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Here is a great ak74 skin that is very high quality download it now and give it a blast you wont be disopointed :p

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______________>__>__>_ * Creeper's AK74 *_<__<__<_______________

Description : Sorry for the lame name all but i thought this skin should be
representative of me, as it might be the last i make. After being offline for a few
months i return to people telling me that all the best skinners have given up on the
scene. I hope this isn't true cos i would like to go on submitting my work, but im not
willing to if all the community has to offer is lame skins. Sry all. 

Screenshot captured from a voodoo 3! 

Release : 15/7/2003

Author : Creeper
SOF2 Alias : _-=StYx|cReePer=-_


_______________________* Installation notes *_________________________

Unzip the pk3 to the base\mp directory.
example:" c:\Program files\Soldier of Fortune II\base\mp\creeper ak74.pk3

Uninstall : Delete the file or simply remove it from the folder for storage elsewhere.


__________________________ * Credits *_____________________________

Firstly, thanks to the good folks of sof2files, the creators and withholders of the best
site on the net ;).

Also a huge thanks to Fragger, as he was the person who first taught me about shaders
and has given me numerous tips and pointers since then.  U rock dude.

Also, a huge thanks goes out to xmc. He was the guy who taught me transparency and so
i owe him big time. 

Thanks to Lethal Banana, for no real reason except, he's cool, and he gives me his 
opinions and criticisms on every skin i make before it is released.

Same to Gr!mm. U guys both rock.


_________________________* Permissions *___________________________

You are, in fact, ENCOURAGED to distribute this file by any means at your disposal, 
providing that contact has been made with me prior to said distribution, and that all files
remain cosily packed in the original zip. thank you. (like thats gonna happen lol)


_________________________* Disclamier *____________________________

If, for some bizarre reason, the enclosed file causes damage of any kind to your
beloved crate, then i cannot be held responsible in any way. Simply by installing this file
you are accepting the fact that, basically,  u may not sue my @$$.

(The people who post these files onto the site though, im sure, check fully and thoroughly
that all content is legitimate, and safe for use by its visitors).

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