From the creator of Man Down comes the CRSbot! These bots can be played with regular SoF2 (ver 1.03+). The beauty of these are they are se...


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From the creator of Man Down comes the CRSbot! These bots can be played with regular SoF2 (ver 1.03+). The beauty of these are they are server sided meaning you dont need to download anything to play them. Enjoy!

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CRSbot - 16/04/2003

  1. Upgrade Soldier of Fortune II to version 1.03

  2. Unzip to your Soldier of Fortune II directory

  3. Do one of the following : 
  	- run the included "crsbot.bat" file
  	- use the inbuilt "mod" menu.
  	- create a shortcut to "sof2mp.exe" with the 
  	  command line "+set fs_game crsbot" 

Commands :
\wpsave		- save current path to /botroute/<mapname>_<gametype>.wps

\wprender	- highly current selected way point, nearby way points and their pathes

addbot <botname> [skill 1-5] [team] [msec delay] [altname]
		- adds a bot using file "botname" at skill "skill" on team "team"
		  (msec delay + altname are optional)

botlist		- generates a list of loaded bot personalities in console

Cvars :
bot_minplayers XX	- fills in empty XX places with bots
			- removes bots if number of players goes over XX

bot_debug<misc names>	- various debug variables 
			Best used while spectating a single bot 
			(Else you may run out of entities)

bot_editWPS		- set to '1' for in-game waypoint creation

How to make a waypoint file :
 1. Pick a map and load it with the command "devmap <mapname>"
 2. Type "bot_editWPS 1" at the console and load the map again.
 3. Use Attack, Alt Attack etc to construct pathes through the level.
 4. Once done, type "\wpsave" at the console

+attack			- select closest way point to crosshair
(while aiming down)	- select closest way point

+altattack		- clear current way point

+firemode		- DELETE current way point

+use			- create waypoint
(with current point)	- link current point to point in crosshair / closest
(+speed)		- create a one way from current point to point in crosshair / closest
			One way link are used to make bots jump down off balconies,
			roofs etc. Think of them as short cuts.
+reload			- create a waypoint and/or link it to current one
			Easiest way to make a quick path (run around hitting reload)

VM memory is the only real limit there seems to be on the amount of waypoints you can have.
Its doubtful you'll ever get close to using it though. I've had levels with 6000+ way points 
using an autogen routine, so... Don't go overboard and everything should be OK.

Take a look at the (crappy) .wps files for mp_hk2, mp_raven etc.

Kris Rigby (
	New bot code.
	Other mods :

Raven Software (
	For making Soldier of Fortune 2 : Double Helix multi-player!!

id Software (
	For making the Quake III : Team Arena engine, apon which SoFII is based.

Changes - 16/04/2003
* added check to see if vision is obscured by smoke grenades

* added basic check to see if bot is blinded by flash grenade

* added check to prevent bots crowding ladders


Copyright and Permissions:
You may not include or distribute this mod in any sort of commercial product without 
permission from the author.  You may not mass distribute this mod via any
non-internet means, including but not limited to, compact disks, and floppy disks
without permission from the author. In any case, you must include an unmodified version
of this file (readme.txt).

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