CTF Sniper Flags

sniper_flag.zip —


Tired of looking at the old CTF Flags? Especially the snipers guarding the flags. Well here are some new CTF flags with two sniper rifles crossed on them.




Sniper symbol flags      |

Theses files will make your flags look surprisingly much better than it is right now. But for your luck you just got the best of all you can get. For those who enjoy a better look of everything.

How to install
Unzip sniper_flag to your mp folder which in inside you base folder. Ex.

To unistall it just take the same pk3 file and delete it. 
However, please send any comments to our staff and we will be glad for your attention. If you want your flag to be customized with what you have in mind just send an e-mail to us and we will return your request as soon as possible. 
This Flags were made by ||Ranger||
Your source of customized files for better fraging.
Admin Ph0b0s

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