A quirky map that is simple but very effective. A lot of thought has gone into the map and it shows. The map itself is made up from a series of cubes (hence the name) You can through this maze of cubes by opening the doors and getting through as quick as you can. The map is also on multiple levels so it is not as straight forward as you think. A fun map and certainly worth a download and don't forget to leave the developer some feedback.



Cube map sof2

- Map info

Just as in the movie, there are dangarous rooms to enter.
In the movie you will mostly die, if you enter, here the cubes only make little damage.
Notice that in most of this rooms, there are save places to hide whitout hurt, like the shafts, crouch, sit in a corner, or climp to the top of the pale's.
In the movie they use primenumbers to see if the room is save, we don't of course.

We use collor combinations, one of the room and one of the pale in the middle.
If the pale have a dark collor in combination of 3 diferent collors, its not save to enter. There are 5 collors, so 2 collors are always save.
A pale whit a light gray texture is always save, and a pale whit a dark texture is not always dangerous.

Thats my hint for the map, now only figure out which collors are always save.

- Technical map information

The map exist out alot cubes, but not to mutch.
There is a exit, its cube zero, just like in the movie.
In the space behind the exit is a special room, whit a few different spaces, then the base of the map.
The map contens a music mp3, and a few textures from the movie.

The map file is a pk3 for sof2.
Place the pk3 in you base of sof.

- Game types

For Elimination and TDM you respawn not together, but in different places to make the game better.

Have fun
TheUnderdog (Undie)

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