This map from fu_rebel is his first map for sof2 so go easy with your comments. The map supports tdm, dm & ctf gametypes, It should do well....


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This map from fu_rebel is his first map for sof2 so go easy with your comments. The map supports tdm, dm & ctf gametypes, It should do well. There's a few visual errors i noticed when testing, But nothing that will ruin the gameplay. Not bad for a first map. Download it and see what you think :thumbsup:

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Download '' (1.41MB)


Map Title                : Decent
Map Version              : Columbian jungle military base. 
Author                   : |FU|**Rebel**
E-mail                   : [email protected]
Website                  :


Game                     : Soldier of Fortune 2 Gold

Supported Gametype       : Multiplayer
                                     : Deathmatch
                                     : Team Deathmatch
                                     : Capture the Flag
Map Size                 : 20/40 Players : Large Map


Contents of this Package :

     Maps folder / prefabs folder / Scripts folder /
     Sceenshot Folder / Shaders Folder / Textures Folder / Decent
     readme. And of course the mp_decent.pk3 file.


Installation Instructions:

     Just place the decent.pk3 into your C:drive/program
     files/sof2/base/ and go play.


Construction Time        : 2 weeks, 5 hours, 42 min:
Custom Content           : Textures : Shaders : Other
Known Bugs               : N/A
Compile Time             : 1: 1/2 Hours

Credit to Other Authors  :

     Id Software for The Q3 engine
     Raven Team for SOF2:Double Helix Game and the original qvm
     Gtk Radiant Team


Special Thanks:

     Mods online for all there help sections on how to map for
     SoF2 and other games.

     Also a big thanks to Sir paul/|FU| [email protected]$,for there part in 
     helping me with the GTK Radiant Tools.
     Johnny Grenade/ for the Bot Routes coming soon for
     this map & all the help I got from 

     SoF2 Mapping:


Additional Notes         :

     Please give any feed back if you have any problems running
          this map.
          E mail: [email protected]
          System Built On: Asus p4p.800=MHz FSB deluxe.
          Full Gig 3200 DDR.
          Graphics Card NVIDIA: AGP 256, 6600. Over-Clocked.
          7200 Raid Internal Hard Drive.
          PS.....I would like to add that this is my very first map
          for SoF2 and that the GTK Radiant is a very cool tool to
          have worked with. This also is the very first map I have
          ever done for any game to date. And that I had no mapping
          skills before I worked with the GTK Quake3 radiant Tool. It
          has been a ride...I will not soon forget LMAO. So if you want
          to map with the GTK Q-3 Radiant Tool, for any game it
          supports! Be ready to "READ READ READ" LOL, and that’s
          fact jack. I have to let you know that if you decide to
          jump into this Q-3 Radiant Tool that it will consume you! And
          any life you mite have had in your past. Getting away from
          this program will not be easy, and you will find yourself
          falling deeper into its grasp day after day, pulling at your
          every thought day in & day out, and leaving you in a trance
          that only a true gamer can relate to. I have logged over 9
          months working with this program and still don’t know all of
          its workings in and out. I guess I can say I only know parts
          of its awesome abilities. My goals are to learn all I can,
          and to hopefully join the ranks a good map builder for the
          games to come in the future by learning. So with that said
          good luck and I hope to see you all in the SoF2files and
          staying with the SoF2 community.


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