Deck 21

Inspired by Doom3

This map is very much so based around the Doom 3 theme. The map...


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This map is awesome, as the Author says {quote]Inspired by Doom3[/quote]

This map is very much so based around the Doom 3 theme. The map is very dark and spooky just like the aforementioned. There are plenty of dark corners for you to hide in and await your next kill. The author has also tried to make the lighting suitable to give you the atmosphere, with shadows and very nicely placed sounds. I think the lighting and shadows will take some getting used to, as you first enter this level you feel that the textures some how do not look quite correct, however seeing where the light source is coming from you soon get used to the new effects. Good item placement and excellent flag locations for CTF make this map very playable, but can very easily get over crowded.

The map supports dm tdm ctf inf dem elim game types and will host 32 players max, as said above any more and you will spoil the game play.

Check out the very detailed read-me for the full info. Go give it a try and see what you think. :thumbsup:

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                         Built by [email protected]$

 This is my second map. I hope you like it. Inspired by Doom3. I 
wanted to see how much of a next generation look I could bring to 
this game. I also wanted to create new objects and a new look for
sof2. This has a new mapping concept called backlighting. The idea
being that everywhere a player can go they are either directly 
under a well lit lightsource or in front of one. This draws crisp 
outlines and allows for heavy shadowing. The lights are unusually
bright. Up to 45,000 in some cases. Considering that 1000 is normal
for indoors you can see how even with shadows you can clearly see.
I also created new shadowing techniques. I designed the level so 
that everywhere you go it looks completely different and gives you 
constantly varying gameplay. I wanted to combine close quarters combat
with a series of somewhat open areas. Every world has a jumpy map. 
I hope I accomplished that with this one. Enjoy.

Gametypes = dm tdm ctf inf dem elim
max players = probly 32. any more would be crowded
Installation= simply unzip directly into your base folder. usually
         C:\Program Files\Soldier of Fortune II - Double Helix\base
Features = lighting, design, working elevators, working security cameras
           new textures, new skins.

Intruders = Special thanks to TheGoat for doing the intruders.
            I needed a sleek little group of professionals that
            looked stock and he did a great job.

S.W.A.T. = I did these. No actual skins. Just a scripting trick
           that points to stock characters with different bolt-ons.
           As far as I know this is a first.

                       -=Demolition Impossible=-

 In the early 1950's the government did a series of secret underground
nuclear test. Since then these caverns have been cleaned up and are 
now used for various different secret programs. This is one such level.
Somewhere between ground level and the central core lays Deck 21. The 
shop has set up office here. They monitor terrorist activities 
world-wide and apparently us. This is where the government puts those
$1200.00 toilet seats. 

 Your mission. Should you choose to accept it. Infiltrate this facility
and blow up the main computer or the armory directly below the main 
computer. But this isn't as easy as it sounds. A consortium of the 
dumbest and ugliest personel you have ever seen are waiting for you.
They have have bad attitudes and low tolerance. Even the Foreman and 
Operations manager have attitudes. And very, very bad breath. My point 
is these people are professionals. And unfortunately for you. They
can see you coming.

                      -=Infiltration Impossible=-
 Your mission. Should you choose to accept it. Infiltrate Deck 21. We 
have an inside man disguised as a security officer to let you in. 
#1 Once inside , retrieve the secret documents. 
#2 Access the Main elevator controls through the Operations office.
#3 Escape through the Main elevator. You have 30 seconds.

 But it's not that easy. Your escape is guarded by the above mentioned
group. And one other. Oh, I know what you're thinking. He's old and
has bad health. Heck, his urinary-tract problem is so bad they moved
his office to the men's room. My point is he's a killer.

Do you have what it takes to escape Deck21?


 This map came at no small cost. My mind is mush. When I told my 
doctor I lost my mind. He said ,"Yep, you're totally nuts." Upon
demand of a second opinion. My clan confirmed it. HEY!!!

 If you would like to comment or can help with my mental codition.
Please visit us at
or e-mail me at [email protected] Enjoy.


 No one cares about this silly little copyright. If your computer 
blows up "Bring it on." Yeah, you heard me. I'm calling you out, you
one-legged monkey. Well, I'm waiting. I didn't think so.

 I would like to apologize to all one-legged monkeys. I meant nothing
by it. I regret my comments about your condition. And I truly 
sympathize with your situation. I hope my remarks have not caused you
or any other one-legged monkeys you might know any personal distress.
I shall donate $5 to the one-legged monkey foundation as a gesture of 
my regret. I wish nothing but the best of luck for you in your plight.

                                       Thank you, 

                                             |FU|[email protected]$

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