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DemoLander is a program designed to allow Soldier Of Fortune 2 demos to be played back without the hassle of loading the game first. This program allows you to also play back demos that have been recorded using Soldier Of Fortune Mods. It also has a number of other built in functions such as, being able to que the demo, fastforward, slowmotion, etc. :)



DemoLander 0.0.15 ReadMe


2)Problems / Fixes

3)Special Thanks

1) Installation

Well first off, i would like to thankyou for downloading DemoLander, i know that not a lot of people bother to read these things, so i will make this as brief as possible.

1) If you have downloaded the Setup file, then you will need to extract the setup files to a temporary directory.
2) Run the setup files from the temporary directory and follow the prompts to install DemoLander
3) If you have downloaded the DemoLander light version which includes the exe, this document and relevant graphics, unzip the files to a directory of your choice.
4) On running DemoLander for the first time you will be prompted to browse for your SOF2 folder.  You will then be asked if you would like to associate .dm_2004 files with DemoLander.  it is recommended that you select this option.
5) Once you have loaded DemoLander you can change the preferences via the tools | preferences menu.
6) If you wish to play a demo, you can follow two methods:
	a) Click the "Add" button on the main interface.  Browse for the demo you wish to add.  Click Ok.  Once you see your demo in the list, click "Launch".
	b) Using Windows Explorer or your file manager of choice, navigate to your demo folder for SOF2 (by default it will be /base/mp/demos).  Double Click the file.
7) If you wish to add multiple demo's to the list, click "Add".  Once the dialog box appears, single click a demo, then press the ctrl button and single click another demo.  You can also select a range of demos by holding down the shift key and selecting start and finish point.
8) If you wish to remove a demo from the list simply select it and press the "Remove" button.  If you wish to select multiple demo's from the list, hold down the ctrl or shift button and select the demos, finally press the "Remove" button.
9) If you wish to add custom parameters while loading demos, you have the option of typing those in the box provided.

2) Problems and Fixes

Problem: Due to the OSP mod being a server side mod only, it's impossible to change the gametype to OSP and view demo's whilest inside the game, it gives you a fs_gametype locked error.

Fix: DemoLander will change the gametype before it loads SOF2, this is done by passing paramaters to SOF2.  So if you want to watch point release demo's and OSP demos, you will have to que OSP demos _first_.

Update: I think this may have been fixed.  Please test it out and confirm it.


Problem: The Open dialog box has a buffer and maxfilesize limit.  This means you can only open a set amount of files before receiving an error.

Fix: Load demo's in groups.  Depending on user feedback, future releases of DemoLander may allow drag and drop features and a new way of adding demo's so there is no set limit.

Problem: DemoLander creates a new config that gives you the ability to watch demo's with extra features.  Creating a new config with new binds means that the SOF2MP.cfg gets changed.

Fix: DemoLander will change your SOF2MP.cfg to ReadOnly, meaning that it can only be read.  When you wish to edit your config, you will have to:
	1) Right Click your SOF2MP.cfg file.
	2) Click Properties
	3) Uncheck the option that has "Read Only"


Problem: When pausing a demo, the demo continues to run but freezes at the one frame.

Fix: None.  This is a SOF2 problem.  It is the Quake3 engine itself.


Problem: When assinging keys to the binds for DemoLander, not all the keys are detected.

Fix: Double click the textbox and manually type in the key/mouse you wish to be binded


Problem: Demo's keep going back and back and back...This really isnt a bad thing, it's the /demoprev and /demonext features on SOF2.
Fix: None at the moment.

3) Special Thanks

Voluntary BETA Testers:
//.Headache A.K.A //.Billy Danze
|TDS| The Dan Show
Macca from Clan Fist

A Big Hey to:

LANded guys (www.landed-au.com)
All the guys on GameArena (http://games.telstra.com/gamearena)

In depth profiles:
Fury loves me
Scourge is a sexy man
c00k loves flex's sister
Daddy Q is the best!!
z0r is cool too, but he didn't test this!!!
Twilly ma3nz, he's too leet for this game
Shift is a gameref, don't fook wif him!
Flexy is just sexy!
Crash-man will own you up at any game!
Headache uses hax and Tk's - don't mess wif him
K_KiLLa is the horniest guy i know! Leet!
Blood loves quake3 more than he does me!
Junkman has a hot girlfriend :)

Blaman isn't a Gay-Op!!!!! :)
Ucket is leet, he uses this at work as well!
Reticool, as the name states, is COOL! His posts on GA are the best :)

Hi hi SiN!

If i didn't say hi to any1 else that's important...I'm sowwy, tell me and i'll update this with the next release :)

Adidas chick is hot

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