Demolition Closure



What can I say about this movie. The best compliment I could give would to say that it was made by Chicane as that pretty much guarantees quality. From the first frame to the last it is brilliant and certainly a credit to his skills both ingame and out. It has loads of frags for you to enjoy and I could not help but smile while I was watching this even more so the second time. Visitors to own-age.com may have seen this before as it is not a new one from Chicane but more of a new addition to soffiles. And the best thing is there will be more additions to soffiles from the studios of Chicane.

Nice work m8.



General info

Moviename		DemolitionClosure
Creator        		Chicane
Game           		Soldier of Fortune 2 MP
Gametype       		>90% Demolition
GameVersion        	1.03
Released  		First week August 2005
Size           		143 MB

Codec          		X264
Length     		7 minutes and 58 seconds
FPS            		30
Dimensions     		640x480

			Sensation - the anthem 2003
			Faithless - salva mea
			Aya - trauma (jam X & De Leon Dumonde dub mix)
			Blackout - gotta have hope
			Jennifer Lopez - waiting for tonight (Hex Hector Remix)
			Perpetuous Dreamer - sound of goodbye
Main programs used 	Adobe Premiere 6.5 
               		VideoMach 3.1.6
               		Sonic Sound Forge 6.0
			Macromedia Flash MX
			Adobe Photoshop 7.0

Record Mod used		Infrequents Demo-view mod v0.9.5.1 beta 
			ReFrag:2 available at http://infreq.vores-web.dk


The time has come that im playing SoF2 much less than i used to do. And also this will be my last movie about SoF2(demolition). In the few hours i have played this game last months, i collected some demo's for this last Sof2 movie. 

This movie is made with ReFrag, the special demo-view-mod created by Infrequent. Thanks to this awesome mod for SoF2 moviemakers, i have been able to do many nice recams, without restaging or difficult (and compromising) 3rd-personcommands!

To the demolitioncommunity: You are great people, I may see you rarely at SoF2 and hope to see you back at other games (preferably SoF3 if it ever comes out!)




E-mail         [email protected]

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