Dr. pepper grenade

This is a nice skin for your anm14 grenade.


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This is a nice skin for your anm14 grenade.

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First of all i take no credit for the skin, it's not completly made by me, i just replaced the pepsi
part with an dr. pepper one, cause i tought an dr. pepper nade would fit better with the anm14 cause 
dr. pepper is red.
Put the pk3 's in your base\mp folder that's all.

Readme of original skinner:
Pepsi-cola grenade

This file will replace anm14(the red one with fire) grenade with a pepsi-cola can.

put the pepsi.pk3 into your base folder.

You may distribute this PK3 in any electronic format (BBS, Internet,
CD, etc) as long as you credit the author. Include all files intact in
the original archive.
Author: *Jet a.k.a Persa
e-mail: persa@persal.tk
website: www.PersaL.tk

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