DS Flag Skin

This is a flag made by CaStRaToR for the DS clan.


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File Description

This is a flag made by CaStRaToR for the DS clan.

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Download 'ds_flag.zip' (65KB)

DS Flag Skin Readme

How To install

Ok to install is simple extract the .pk3 file into your 
C:\Soldier of Fortune II - Double Helix\base\mp folder then you are set, 
but really you have to host a game first then disconnect from your game and go into a server then you are done.

Skin Info
This is just a flag skin if you want your normal skin back just delete it from the mp folder.

Why I Made the skin

I made the skin because it is for my clan members.

My Details.
Auhor is me CaStRaToR
E-mail. ds_sof2@hotmail.com


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