Duffman 3rd Bind



Duffman made his second version of the 3rd Bind :) Go have a good look at it and have fun!



<How to install>

Put This In To Base/Mp or 
C:\Program Files\Soldier of Fortune II - Double Helix\base\mp
when ur playing the game open console by pressing ` button then
just type exec 3rd.txt then it will work.

<How 2 Find {OsK}Duffman> 

Find me training on tdm and ctf servers any
or wanna play 1v1 come 2 inf in the {{{MDK}}} or <~|NfG|~> and -|HsS|- Clanservers
or soon  be {OsK} Clanserver. 

<About the Button and wot they do>

Right this is for noobs or people just dont know wot this r 


Refresh is for if u have bad ratio like 0/-10

<hash cg_thirdperson 1>

This is for poeple how like 2 fick between 3rd or 1st{cheats!!} lol jking
<hash cg_thirdperson on>

Press this for 3rd perosn it is a much better game in this view but hard 2 become gd at it.

</pmove_fixed 10>

Know This Is Secert COde Which Most People DOnt kNow It Like A Jump Mod  it is for seening ur see fly when u jump of edges
of boxes.

</pmove_fixed 0>
This Takes Off the jump mod

<cg_fov 100>
Again A Secert COde That Most Poeple DOnt kNow I Changes The View in 3rd person so it seems like ur person is far away.

<cg_fov 80>
Know Is Just Going To Change Ur View To Noraml FOr 3rd.
<seta name &quot;&quot;>
<Seta name &quot;&quot;> 
This 2 just change ur name back and forth.

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