E.Z.C Hud Final (Fixed)

ezc_final_hud_fixed_by_xray.zip —


This skin changes the look of your Hud, nicely done another one for your growing collection, this also has the E.Z.C logo on it, and its different to the other one sent in by -=]E.Z.C[=-Xray.

** This Hud has the E.Z.C clan logo on it **



***E.Z.C Hud Final (Fixed)*** replacement skin for Team Games

Instructions: Put the pk3 in the BASE folder.

Contacts: nick name: Xray

sof2 nick name: -=]E.Z.C[=-Xray

email: [email protected]

homepage: http://www.eifelzocker.de

Disclaimer: Copyright © Xray 2003. All rights reserved.

This program is not made by or supported by id Software, 
Activision, Raven. 

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