This skin pack contains 6 player skins to use in your DM game play, go give them a test and see what you think:)


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This skin pack contains 6 player skins to use in your DM game play, go give them a test and see what you think:)

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Download 'valeinherjar.zip' (2.84MB)

VALHALLA Custom Skin for SOF2 - Einherjar

Name		Einherjar

Aliases 	Honored dead, Valiant Warriors, Death Warriors

Comments	Skins made by Thor and Odin

Occupation	Norse Warriors


Norse soldiers who died bravely in the fields of battle. If the Valkyries are scouting, they will beckon the souls of the dead towards them, but he can refuse, should he choose to do so. However, the Norse rarely chose to do so. The Einherjar live in Valhalla, a massive fortress in Asgard, but they rarely stay there. They are wakened by the crowing of the golden rooster Gullinkambi each morning, and they enthusiastically gather their weapons and armour and run into the fields of Asgard or the arenas below Valhalla. Here they train, by battling with each other. Many are wounded, and even more are slaughtered, but as the last rays of sun disappear behind the horizon, their wounds are miraculously healed. They then go to Valhalla again to feast with Odin. Odin doesn't eat, but feeds his food to the twin wolves at his feet. He listens to the tidings of Hugin and Munin, his Ravens. After the feast, the Einherjar go back to their quarters to sleep, and to awaken to start all over again. Should an Einherjar travel to Midgard, they may only stay for one cycle of the sun (a day) at a time. Should they stay any longer, they will merge with their mortal bodies, and so die, with no way of reentering Asgard again. The longer an Einherjar is in Asgard, the stronger, faster, and bigger they get. Though the Einherjar did aid Odin at Ragnorak, and it is assumed that perhaps their job is done, they still continue to train in Asgard.



Place the file VAL_death_warriors.pk3 in your base/MP folder.

Do not change the contents of the pk3. You can distribute this file as long as it remains in it's original condition and the author gets the proper credit.

WebSite - http://www.valhallawarriors.com



INF Server for SOF2 - VALHALLA - Real damage (

Aim for the Head and never run in a straight line

Thank you for your support.
Report any bugs to: thor@valhallawarriors.com

Have fun!

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