elevators.zip —


[quote]Two prefabs of elevators made using func_door, to show how things like this are made.

- Elevator1 Prefab: A simple elevator, the player steps onto the elevator to activate. You can change this to move up (angle ; -1) or down (angle ; -2), and change the distance it moves by adjusting the lip value. to calculate the value for lip you need to get the distance you want it to move, and subtract it from the height of the elevator. for example, if the height between the two floors is 500 units, and the elevator is 200 units then you would do 200 - 500 = -300. and so the lip would be entered as -300

- Elevator2 Prefab: More complex than standard elevators (so best to ignore at first if you are a novice mapper). press the button on wall to call elevator and open doors, then after the elevator has moved the doors open again to let you out. This prefab was just cut out from one of my maps and still has the lift shaft and walls around. this was done to show how they all fit together, so you might want to delete these parts when you come to use it./quote]

Enjoy :D


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