Falling Down Pak

Here's a cool new weapon pak. Just look at the pics!

This is based on the 1993 moive Falling Down, staring Michael Douglas. T...


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Here's a cool new weapon pak. Just look at the pics!

This is based on the 1993 moive Falling Down, staring Michael Douglas. The mp5 is ment to be like the uzi type weapon he picks up and uses on the guy hangin outa the car, and i couldn't make a real butterfly knife, but its pretty sweet anyway.

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Download 'falling_down_pak2.zip' (1.06MB)

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Author: 	AnTs
E-mail:		antsbco@hotmail.com	
Site:		www.satan.shorturl.com

Movie:  Taken from one of my favorite moives of all time Falling down, staring Michael Douglas, as William Foster (1993)
Content of the Pak2 (descriptions of where to find them in the movie):
Weapon: Metal mp5 (based on the gun he uses to scare the burger lady with, and scare all the people in the shop <big flash added, black shells added, and machine gun sounds>)
Weapon: Butterfly (the knife can not be modled obviously, but the skin is based aorund the aspect of the butterfly knife he uses to stab the mad nazi with.  In diffrent lights the knife changes colour, from a brights near purple shadded pearl colour, to a dark green colour when in the shade.)
Weapon: Mad Nazi's Gas Can (found when the mad nazi give William the empty gas can used in ww2, and he talks about how many people it must have killed <with real german writing and skull and cross bones on the side> Once this weapons installed you also get new flames for the anm14)
Bonus Weapon: 
Water Pistol (Used by Williams child through the whole of the moive, he uses this gun too........ Well you'll have to watch the moive to fine out ;).  <Comes with no flash, and new sounds, too add to the waterpistol effect; also if you look carfuly, you can see the pistol is now filled with water, and not bullets when you unload the clip>)

Really funny if alot of people get together, and the sound and skin is workin for the water pistol, and you have a shoot out with the silver talons... sure stupidnessnessnessness.
Arm: White shirt (The work shirt he starts off with in the moive, slightly dirty) 

Take any of the unzipped .pk3 files you wish, and place them in your sof2/base/mp folder.  If you wish to get rid of them simply delete.
These to not change the content of the sof2 game forever, just as long as the files are in place.
Each file is seperate, so you can mix and match, its !NOT! all in one big .pk3.
I am not responsible to any damage these files my cause, they are not designed to cause such, so there for it is your fault if a problem occours.
I recomened that you try these out on a test server of your own first (LAN or conected to nothing), as then they are SURE to work, this way you can get a feel for the skins a sounds, and you can see they only work on some servers.
I hope you enjoy this add on thing, and if you havn't seen falling down, i highly recomend it!!!!!  (certificate 18 in England)
Thank You


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