Final Countdown 2

The Nimitz has sailed into history again - literally - and started a new adventure for SOF 2. Returning from the Persian Gulf old n...


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The Nimitz has sailed into history again - literally - and started a new adventure for SOF 2. Returning from the Persian Gulf old number 68 is again caught in a strange vortex that has warped time and space creating strange and dangerous conditions for anyone who boards her. Time, space and gravity all seem to have been effected. Trapped in the frozen Antartic Ocean, isolated from the rest of the fleet by this freak of nature the Nimitz is a cold and spooky place for a frag fight. Most of the air wing and the crew has misterously disappeared but those left onboard have been effected by the trip thru the vortex and have turned on each other. Time and space here have a way of disorienting your senses so be careful. More than one suprise awaits you on this icy cruise. Welcome aboard !!

WOW what a map, as you had gathered your on board an Aircraft Carrier and its HUGE, this is a large map to say the least, there is a vast open space on deck and even more space below deck, loads of places to hide and explore, with only a few players on this map you would be luck to find each other lol. The map supports al standard SoF2 gametypes and will host at least 32 players. This is an awesome map again from warlord, and a must have for your collection, so go get it now :thumbsup:

Enjoy :)...well I did ;)

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Final Countdown 2 - The Sequel by Warlord 
Map Name: Final Countdown 2 
File Name: 

Creator: Warlord 
Custom Textures: Yes 
Custom Music: No - I had planned to use the original Final Countdown theme but abandoned the idea because of potential copyright violations. 
Custom Sounds: NO 

Editor: SDK 1.2 
Time to construct: Around 150 hours over 3 to 4 months. 
Compile Time: Over 480 hours. 
Compile Machine: 1.5 GHZ P4 with 512 Meg DDR Ram 
Known Bugs: None, but I'm sure with a map this large someone will find something. During final testing I noticed some texture flicker in the Tomcats but not enough to distract from the game play.
Gametype support: Supports all standard SOF2 gamestypes and weapons. 
Hint: In Infiltration Game the briefcase is in CIC and the return point is in the SeaStallion on deck.

Credits: Adam Grebinski for the HalfLife F15 Prefab that was converted to the Tomcats. 
Kevin Quang for the HalfLife Sea Stallion. 
Special Thanks to Mods Online for all of the tips and ideas that I get for my maps from their forums. 
Installation: Unzip to the SOF2 base directory and enjoy!

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