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The first ever weapon models pack, with replacements for most of the guns. Featuring models from various authors, such as The Counter-Strike...


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The first ever weapon models pack, with replacements for most of the guns. Featuring models from various authors, such as The Counter-Strike team, and Raven Software.

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thank your for downloading  *F!R3 [email protected]*'s new Weapons models pack for sof2

I was kind enough to make this file user friendly, YOU  DO NOT HAVE TO USE A GUN IF
U DONT WANT TO. the way this file works is that in the mp there is a sperate pk3 of each file
what ever gun u want to use, place the pk3 of that guns name in ur base/mp folder, but PLEASE NOTE
YOU MUST ALWAYS HAVE THE  "place this in mp no matter what u want" pk3 in ur base/mp folder for any 
of the weapons to work...if this is confusing for you, i will give u an example

say i want to ONLY use the mp5 and the m590, then i would open the "new weapon modeles".zip
and exctract the following files to my base/mp folder :mp5.pk3, m590.pk3, and place this in mp no matter what u want.pk3

and then star up the game and the mp5 and the m590 will be the only weapons repalced.
if fu want to add anohter gun, just place its pk3 in ur base/mp as well.

hope u understand this, its really not that hard.

this file will replace most of the weapons for sof2, it will change there models, 
and with a few sounds, this file can only be used on unpure servers


Im not saying i didnt do any thing, oh dear god no no....this file took me over the course of 
about 2 mounths to get where its at now, and you can excpect future releases

NOTE: scope on mp5 and ussocom do not work

Jeel, for giving helping me out on some scripting

And XENA for also giving me a few tips

and hutch for giving me some tips


as i said i did not create all of the models, i put the effort into converting them for sof2
and readjusting them so that they look nice

so here we go....

SIG 551 - Replaced with: scoped and silinced M4 >Model: Ironclad | Skin: Sixshooter | sound: Jeel 

Msg90a1 - Replaced with: .......better sniper rifle...(forgot the name) MODEL: N/A Skins:N/A|sound: Jeel

Mp5- replaced with: scoped flash light mp5 > Model: some by me, scope by Erobern | skins: mp5 body> modified scorpion blood skin, scope Unbekannt |sound, i cant remember

m60- replaced with: vulcan mini gun :D > Model: [JEA]Spawn[DD] | Skin: Zinnenkriecher | sound: one of those guys

m590- replaced with: better m590 > models: NA| skin: NA

usas12- repalced with: m1014> model: CS team | skin: CS team

micro uzi- replaced with: i forget what its called > Model: PROtecta | Skin: Helldog |

us socom- replaced with: flashlight and silinced and scoped us socom > Scope model:Erobern| skins: i think leon made the basic us skin, i did the utilities, and Unbekannt did the scope

knife- repalaced with LIGHTSABER :D > Model: raven software team| skins: raven software team| sounds:raven software team

known errors

no flash in world for preceding weapons

clips dont eject when reloaded (cant be doesnt bother me)

us socom not working in third person :(

PLEASE READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to prevent an error i call "double model" please remove any of the
following weapon skins u currently have installed withen your base/mp folder

sig 551
us socom
micro uzi

and if your weapons all together do not work, try removing any file u have in ur mp folder 
that modify the sof2.inview file, such as that file that made the us socom have a silincer on it
u know witch on i mean right???

yea so there you go guys, hope u like em, and rember to expect another release
 in the near future

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