Fireball Flags

A nice pair of flags, go check them out ;)


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A nice pair of flags, go check them out ;)

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Title  :  Spinning Fireball Flags
Creator:  Virus
Contact:  [email protected]
MSN: [email protected]

Basicly what it is, is a transparent flag with a spinning fire ball on it. It looks really nifty and I havn't seen one of these on soffiles yet.
I made these because I hated the flags always blocking you from seeing where your enemies are in kam2. While making these I thought why not add some cool effects. Thus I got the spinning fireballs.

To install, just extract the pk3 file in to your mp folder 
and run the game!
(doesnt work on pure servers..but if you want to use it on
pure servers, just create a game (It will load your mods and
skins) then quit and join any servers you want and you'll
have your skins and mods).

(eg.  \sof2\base\mp\fireball.pk3)


I do not care what you do with this file! Mod it more, change it around, delete it for all I care! I just thought it would be a great place for people to go from when they say "Hey I wanna make my own spinnign flags!" Well here you go. And have a nice day :D


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