Fox Sounds



A nice sound mod to replace a few sounds in the game (duh :) ) Try it and see if you like it. Has sounds for:

Socom, Ak 74, M4, Micro uzi, M590, 1911 MP5 silenced to and unsileneced

Enjoy :D



Author-Grey Fox
[email protected]
Included is 2 files, one file replaces some weapon sounds in game and the other one replaces the mp5 sound to an unsilenced sound, that is if u like ur mp5 to be noisy.
Anyways, extract both files to ....SOF2/base/mp . These sounds will work on all servers if u follow these steps.
1. Extract both files properly.
2. start ur own sof2 server,make sure its unpure.
3. after it loads up just test the sounds.
4. then quit to main menu and select any server. they should work now.
To sum up, the first server u play on should be unpure to make the sounds work on any other server regardless if its pure or not.
If u dont get those instructions, just ignore them and play on nonpure servers with the sounds.	

anyways im a noob at this stuff and its my first sound mod replacing the micro uzi, m4, ak74,m590,socom, colt 1911, and the secon files replaces mp5 sound.
anyways i hope u like it. Credits go to CS, max payne sounds, and other unknown places where i got these from.

I dont mind if u use these as long as u include this readme, giving me credit for this.

PS if u want to get the full effect of the unsilenced mp5 sound, go to http://mbsbbs.hypermart.net/nosil.zip and download the wonderful unsilnced mp5 
skin that skinner made. it includes its own sound file in the pk3 so just delete that.

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