Foxhounds Infiltrate the Shop (Shop 2)

Here is a map from a mapper named Foxhound (probably a Metal Gear fan :))!

The map has been made for infiltration, but support DM/TDM and...


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Here is a map from a mapper named Foxhound (probably a Metal Gear fan :))!

The map has been made for infiltration, but support DM/TDM and Elimination as well!

The map takes places in an unground shelter of The Shop. There are a few dead-ends in the map that made it a bit confusing at my 1st attempts, but it is a decent map. There are several routes to enter the building and to the briefcase :)

Have fun with it... :mepimp:

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Title				: Foxhounds Infiltrate the Shop
BSP				: shop2inf.bsp
Author				: Foxhound
Release Date			: 08 July 2002
Email Address			:
Homepage			:
Game				: Soldier of Fortune 2
Players				: 2 - 12 (Small map designed for Clan Team work)


Install as per norm. 

(For the new gamers)

Place the pk3 file into your base directory in the soldier of Fortune 2 Game Directory

ie: C:\Program Files\Soldier of Fortune II - Double Helix\base

Then boot up the game and look for "Infiltrate the Shop"


General Info:

Textures		: 1 New One

Game type support	: Just INF however may work with DM,TDM and Elim (Not a DM Player)
Build Time		: About a week and some. First map I've created using Radiant.

Compile time		: 14 min 58 secs

System Specs		: P4 1.7 w/1 gig Ram

Editor			: Q3Radiant 1.0

Note			: The map was created and tested on high end machines using broadband connections, with that
			  said I'm not sure how it will work with lower end connections and systems.


For the most part I tend to create missions, addons etc for Operation Flashpoint. However when I saw this
game I decided to try it out and see what it was like. (You see I was looking for a replacement for
CS and MoHAA) and since I enjoyed the game so much I figured I'd give back to the community what it's given me over the years.

Map info	: The bad guys have located the secondary Base for the Shop and are tryng to Infiltrate and secure 		  	  the codes and maps for the remaining outposts. Troops from the Shop are as always ready to go even 		  if they were caught in their beds. The map timing is early morning hence the lighting is dark.



A special thanks goes out to the Web Masters and people at Gaming Developers Connection for assistance and patience.
You can visit them @


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