Fraggers Widow Maker 07



The latest version of Fraggers Widow Maker skin. Some parts of this skin shine a little but not to much.



WidowMaker '07
A skin by Fragger

This skin uses detail textures, so you need to turn those on in order to fully appreciate it. (seta r_detailtextures "1")

To install, just drop the pk3 in your base/mp folder

The textures have been modified so they match better at the seams.
Some parts of the skin (suit, boots, gloves, headband and lips) have an env map for extra shine.

Each part of the skin uses 3 texture passes, and has 2 textures (one gets used twice)

I hope you like this new version

If you plan to use this skin for a compilation, mod or map, you should not modify it in any way and include all the files with it.

If you find a way to sell this skin, you can keep 10%

Thanks to all the people who still play this game after so many years, and also to all who still create new material for it.
You help keeping it alive, and hope it stays that way for many more years.


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