Frost Elite Scope



Here is a nice sniper scope skin.

The screenshots do not do this file justice! Download this file and check it! Feel free to leave comments on what you think of this file.

Give it a try see what you think :)



HOW TO INSTALL: Place FrostEliteScope.pk3 into you're SoF2/base/MP folder, make sure that if you have any other scope pk3's from other people to back it up or delete it first, just make sure it is removed before you place this one in.

HOW TO UN_INSTALL: Remove FrostEliteScope.pk3 from you're SoF2/base/MP folder and you are done!

Creation Time: I'd say around 3 and a half hours because I ran into alot of problems, and went through alot of designs, I was really mad how SoF2 Reticles work and how it just repeats itself it made making a cool sniper scope hard, but I think I pulled it off, you're comments are welcome!

Author: Frost
Web Site: http://www.skrill.net
E-mail: [email protected]
ICQ: 2167477

Please include credits when useing this file for any purpose, you may not sell it for any reason.

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