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Updates: I will be making updates from time to time...find the most recent client on my forum.

  • NEW Updates made 03-20-2024...please download update located on my forum

  • NEW Updates made 03-28-2024...please download update located on my forum

  • NEW Updates made 04-03-2024...download from forum link below...

Forum GOLDRUSH CLIENT updates download link

I am very pleased with my recent completion of some major GoldRush Server and Client code edits. I have always loved what GoldRush brings to the SOF2 gaming experience...but running "WNT" bot routes and its size was a turn off for many. I have coded changes in the bot ai to accommodate "WPS" bot routes. Plus, I have made the client have more of a ROCmod mod look and feel. One feature you may enjoy is when a player dies it drops armor and heath. :)

Here are a few changes:

1. Many cosmetic changes

2. Client has the look and feel of the popular ROCmod

3. Added emoji's

4. Load screen

5. Side expanded menus

6. etc

Please check download the client supplement (you will find the full install in downloads if needed) and give my GR server a try. As always, I welcome feedback

Thank you sparrow

FORUM - https://vaudvillany.proboards.com/

Goldrush Server -

Special Thanks to:

1. GODh and GoldRush Team for releasing the source code

2. JA-Mod Team for releasing their source code - I used it to add emoji's

3. NV Mod Team

4. CRS Mod Team for the WPS bot AI

5. FS - DRAKKER for his coding tutorial to add BOT Pings - I used his info with a couple additional edits to add BOT pings

6. ROCmod Team

Server side - BOT AI is code from Goldrush, ROCmod, and CRS. BOTs perform closer to human players. They throw knives and nades, they jump/shot during close combat, they will slice you during close combat, etc.

I took their work and did some extensive edits and compiling in order to make enhanced client/server changes for GoldRush 3.2.

Our combined work changes many game text, text colors, smilies, bot pings, menus, enhanced admin menu features, sounds, hud and game graphics, etc


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