H & K Frost's Real Sounds



My newest sound pack, included in the zip file is the soundpack, and a seperate skinpack, along with a Readme. Comments: Download this soundpack!! I garontee it will enhance you're gameplay for the better! This is the best soundpack around! Included in this Real Sound 6 zip file is the Sound Pack itself which replaces all multiplayer weapon sounds, reloads, cockbacks, it even replaces armor impact, bullet impacts, and death sounds! EVERYTHING except the USAS12. As well as a seperate pk3 with all the skins I have done, and my newest skins as well which include the sig551, silver talon, and my brand new m590 skin with a silver barrel!!!


Install: Remove ANY sound files that you have beforehand, once they are removed or backed up to another directory, place realsound6.pk3 into your sof2/base/mp directory and you are set!

Uninstall: Remove realsound6.pk3 and you are done!

Major changes in Realsound 6 compared to realsound 5 are listed below

Changes:  M4 has been completely redone, new fireing sound, new grenade launch, new grenade impact.  Every weapon in multi-player has had new clip in / clip out / bolt pull sounds, The shotgun has new sounds for the first time in Real Sound history, MAN this one was a hard one to do!  Shotgun sound is a hard one to replace.  

As you will notice I have included my skin pack in here in a completely seperate PK3 so, if you do not like them you do not have to use them, and if you like them you can ;)

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