This is a really nice map, based on the "Helms Deep" from "The Lord of the Rings". It supports enough players, so that won't be a minus-point :P

This version has changed some bugs and some new things. :thumbsup:



Title: The Battle Of HelmsDeep VERSION 2
Date: 10/5/05
Filename: helmsdeepv2.bsp
Author: kit89
Email: [email protected]

The map has had some major changes to it,:
Extra stair case to red flag,
Cave system that leads to back of blue team and the back of red team.
More lights, less blackness,
ladders jamming solved,
And still a great fps rate. :)
* Play Information *

Game: Soldier of Fortune 2
Type: Multiplayer
Gametype: ctf, dem, inf, elim
Requires:		1.03 patch
Players:		100 vs 100   

* Construction *

Base: HelmsDeep
Editor: GtkRadiant
Buildtime: lots of hours
Known Bugs: None known.

Features: new music and new models, 1st map to ever be designed for 200 players (of my knowledge)

Compile Machine: AMD 1200xp, 512mb, 
operating system: SuSe Linux 9.2
Compile Time:	40 minutes

Mappers technical info:
Brushes: 7965 (near max limit)
Entities: 469
* Installation *		

Place the helmsdeep.pk3-file in your BASE-directory and you are ready to go...

I have included the helmsdeep.map file for anyone wishing to manipulate it for there purposes.
If used please give credit to the mapper. aka kit89
Thanks to Snake, Smeagol, Goldquick, Darkmagic for support.
Thanks to those who created the models, of the Crow and angel.
Thanks to Tolkein for his imagination.
Thansk to everyone who plays the map.
This game level is free for distribution.

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