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Here we have a 3rd person server side mod, worth the download for that extra bit of fun


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Here we have a 3rd person server side mod, worth the download for that extra bit of fun

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Server side:
g_Enable3rdPerson: 0 - First person persepective only 1 - Client side control of perspective 2 - Third person perspective
g_coloredTeamPlayNames 0 - SoF standard names 1 - Color codes enabled in team gametypes.
g_voiceTalkingGhosts 0 - SoF standard 1 - Spectators and ghosts can speak during intermission.
g_reverseTeamDamage 0 - SoF standard 1 - Damage inflicted on a teammate is reversed to damage the attacker.
server_motd0-5 - text displayed on level start to all clients.

Client Side:
cg_3rdPerson: 0 - First person 1 - Third person
cg_3rdPersonRange: Distance of camera from model (valid range 20 - 200)
cg_3rdPersonPitch: Pitch of camera based on model (valid range -80 - 90)
cg_3rdPersonYaw: Yaw of camera based on model (valid range -60 - 60)
cg_drawTime: 0 - off 1 - draw current system time in twelve hour format - 2 draw current system time in twenty-four hour format.

Server Commands:
addadmin (id): Grant the specified player with administrative privledges.
removeadmin (id): Revoke the specified player's administrative privledges.
destroy (id): Cause specified player to die.
lock (team): Prevent players from joining specified team (null locks both teams), send command again to unlock.
swap_teams: Reverse player teams.
shuffle_teams: Distribute the players on teams according to percieved skill. 

Client Commands:
say_teamnl: Team chat without location.
tokens: Display list of all chat tokens
players: Display information on active players
stats (id): Display statistics of specidfied player, if no player is specified your own statistics will be displayed.
dmg: Display inflicted and recieved damage on client screen.
motd: Display the server's MOTD.
adm: these are the admin commands, /adm ? to view available admin commands.

#H: Current numerical health
#A: Current numerical armor
#B: Currently health in bar format
#b: Currently armor in bar format
#L: Current location
#G: Currently equipped grenade
#P: Currently primary weapon
#S: Currently secondary weapon
#I: Currently equipped handgun
#E: Current equipment
#F: Name of closest teammate
#D: Name of last player that hurt you
#T: Name of last player you hurt

3rdMod-1.0-gfx.pk3 and 3rdWeap.pk3 are optional, the graphics changes are just a few HUD and loading screen changes and the weapon changes limites each nade to one, including m203 and lowers the power of shot-guns (makes the mod much less nooblet-friendly).

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