Yes! Here it is... The full version of the amazing international Crime Syndeciate, version 2!

Players who already have ICS version 1.0 in...


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Yes! Here it is... The full version of the amazing international Crime Syndeciate, version 2!

Players who already have ICS version 1.0 installed can also use the 1.0 to 2.0 update (which is only 26mb)!

Here is small summary of the changes:

- Healing teammates In 2.0 your teammate's health is now displayed under their name when you have them in your sites. A health icon will appear when you press against a wounded teammate. To heal a teammate, press against them and hit your 'use' key. A bar graph will show the healing progress. Your ability to heal is unlimited but you can only restore a percentage of each player's health (default 80%). Servers can override the default by setting g_maxHealPercentage ## in their server configs.

- Hitmen gametype At the beginning of each round, one red player is given a briefcase full of cash. The blue team must seek out this player and assassinate him in order to win. When carried, the case emits a tone that can help the opposing team track the carrier. The player with the case may drop it or pass it to another teammate at any time. Be warned though. When the case is not being carried, it will show up on the blue team's radar and all they need to do is touch it to win.

In 2.0 we've added a limit to the time the briefcase can remain dropped. If the case is dropped for longer than the timelimit (default :10), it explodes and the red team loses the round. This is to counter the exploit where players could drop the case in places where it was impossible to retrieve. Servers can override the default by setting gt_caseDropTime in their configs. 0 = no limit.

- Gametype Support ICS adds Hitmen and Elimination support to all Raven maps. Any custom maps that support Elimination will also support Hitmen.

- Infiltration Enhancements ICS offers up two models, aside from the briefcase, for the blue team to steal in Infiltration; a laptop computer and the Mona Lisa. The Mona Lisa is used in our Art Gallery map and the laptop is used in the Siberian Express map along with several Raven maps.

- Custom Maps ICS sports 8 custom maps, 3 of which are brand new for 2.0; ICS - Invasion Corsica, ICS - International Bank Of France and ICS - Nuclear plant B. All 8 maps support hitmen, ctf, inf, dem, elim, dm and tdm, with the exception of ICS - Invasion Corsica, which we felt was not suited to dem.

- New Skins ICS includes 5 custom skin sets, 2 brand new for 2.0; GIGN (Groupe d'Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale) and Special Operations. As with all the ICS skin sets, female models are supported.

- Weapon Enhancements Under ICS all weapons get brand new, more realistic, kick-ass sounds, sampled from real firearms as opposed to the weak, synthesized stock SOF2 sounds. Many also get brand new skins. In addition, ICS offers a distinct new weapons balance called ACM (accuracy compensated modeling) where we have adjusted weapons performance for:

· improved balance · greater utility of all weapons · improved performance under lag · increased weapon specialization · improved quality of weapon feel and efficacy · more realistic relative weapon performance · more consistent weapon behavior

In 2.0, we've made the following changes: - SIG551: Increased the kick to make it slightly less effective under scoped during stained fire

- M590: The damage has been taken down a few points

- USAS12: Now fires 12 gauge military AP sabots as opposed to shot. Includes a new firing sound

- M4: Gets a facelift and a brand new sound

- OICW Grenade Launcher/Assualt Rifle In ICS 2.0 we've brought back several weapons from the single player game, including the OICW. The Objective Individual Combat Weapon (OICW) is a combination weapon which has a 20mm semi-automatic, magazine fed grenade launcher and a 5.56mm compact assault rifle. In addition, the OICW has a mounted video sighting unit that can zoom to 1.5x or 6x. To zoom the camera, use the 'alt-fire' key, just like the other scoped weapons.To fire 20mm grenades, cycle through the fire modes single, burst, auto) until you come to 20mm. To fire 5.56 rounds, toggle the fire mode to either single, burst or auto. The OICW is available as a primary weapon

- US SOCOM Pistol with Silencer In 2.0 a silencer has been added to the US SOCOM pistol. The weapon also sports a brand new skin and sound

- F1, M67, L2A2, MDN11 Frag Grenades Also re-introduced from the single player game for 2.0, these grenades are all frag grenades like the SMOHG92. Each one has a different damage/radius ratio compared to the SMPHG92 but should be well balanced to each other

- M7A3 Teargas Grenade and Gas Mask We've created 2 brand new grenades for ICS 2.0. One of them, the M7A3 is a CS teargas grenade, that causes temporary, partial blindness and sends players into a coughing fit. To counter the effects of the M7A3, players can now select a gas mask as an accessory, instead of armor or nv/ir goggles - M18 Yellow Smoke Grenade Our other custom grenade, the M18 is used for signaling and obscuring player movement

- M15 White Phosphorus Grenade In ICS 2.0, this grenade causes damage. The white phosphorus filler burns at a tempurature of 5000 degrees fahrenheit on the ground and lasts about as long as the fire from the ANM14.

- Referee Menu and Commands For ICS 2.0 we have created a passworded referee. Referees are not as powerful as rcons but they have full control over key settings and changing maps, as well as the ability to move and kick players. Servers mearly need to set ref_pwd "[password]" in their server.cfg to use this function. The refreee menu is in the top menu bar between the vote and exit menus. It's very straight forward. You simply need to enter the password in the proper field, then the entire menu is at your disposal. For a list of referee console commands, check out the cvars section.

- Radio Messages We've replaced all the radio messages and made both the male and female sound sets complete. The radio menu has been enhanced to include all available sounds. The radio menu now offers a choice of 3 sub-menus; Radio Orders, Radio Responses and Radio Misc. These sub menus contain assigned keys for all the sounds. Players can assign keys directly to the sub menus in the Chat section of the Setup / controls menu. In 2.0 we've gone back to using the default SoF2 male voice for the automatic responses: Grenade, Sniper, Fire In The Hole and Check Your Fire.

- Headshot Messages The word Headshot! will appear on center screen of clients who kill their opponents by shooting them in the head. All players will see this message in the upper left of screen...

For an even longer list (and with screenshots) of the 2.0 changes please check out the official ICS website!

Enjoy :beer:

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Download 'ics_2-0_full.zip' (59.86MB)

=   I.C.S. 2.0    =

· Client and Server files for the International Crime Syndicate Modification for Soldier Of Fortune II

· Soldier of Fortune II - Double Helix version 1.03 Gold is required

· Release Date: Dec 5, 2003

· Website: http://www.planetsoldier.com/ics

· Forums: http://www.nachos.net/vbull/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=173

· moddb: http://mods.moddb.com/1403/

· Contact: mrwhite@planetquake.com

I.C.S. is `the` must have `Balls-To-The-Walls` mod for Soldier Of Fortune II, with all new commercial quality content and improvements; not just a mod, I.C.S. is a better way to play and enjoy SOF2! 

ICS enhances the familiar SOF II 'action' experience with a new theme, expanded scenarios, game-modes, commercial quality level and sound design, and all new feature content. Smoothing out SOF II's rough edges ICS offers a feature rich higher quality game. 

The International Crime Syndicate is a well financed, organized, offensive criminal mercenary force with suspected ties to the Corsican Mafia. The ICS takes crime to the 'next level' with high-tech, modern weapons and motivated talent. Defending game objectives are SWAT, Special Police or Private Security teams. ICS expands SOF II with contemporary urban settings like Banks, Casinos, Art Galleries, and more.

For a full list of features, check out: http://www.planetsoldier.com/ics/about.html

= Getting Started =

Windows Client

· Launching: select the ICS icon from your desktop or the ICS section of the Windows Start-Programs menu.
· If you installed ICS using the zip file as opposed to the installer, you will need to select the ICS.exe from your SOF2 root directory.
· To locate ICS servers use the in-game server browser or a 3rd party program like GameSpy, The All Seeing Eye, or kQuery.
· For those using Gamespy, there is a custom ICS Gamespy tab in the /ics folder.

Windows Server

· Launching: select the ICS-server icon from your desktop or the ICS section of the Windows Start-Programs menu.
· If you installed ICS using the zip file as opposed to the installer, you will need to select the ICS-server.exe from your SOF2 root directory.
· To configure your server, edit the server.cfg and maplist.cfg files provided in the /ics directory.
· g_gametype and sv_mapcycle are not set in the provided server.cfg but are set in the ICS Server Launcher Utility.  If you launch your server a different way, you will have to either add them to your server.cfg or set them in your command line.

Mac & Linux Client

· To launch ICS, run SOF2 Multiplayer and select ICS from the mods menu on the main screen.
· To locate an ICS server, use the in-game server browser.

Mac & Linux Server

· To run a server, you must execute the command line "SoF2MP +set fs_game ics +exec server.cfg".  
· You may wish to add the parameters: "+set sv_pure 1" and "+set dedicated 2" to run a pure and/or dedicated server.  
· To configure your server, edit the server.cfg and maplist.cfg files provided in the /ics directory.
· g_gametype and sv_mapcycle are not set in the provided server.cfg so you will have to either add them to the cfg or set them in your command line.

*Note For Server Ops

· The ics map and skins paks (mp_ICS-01.pk3 & mp_ICS-02.pk3) install into the /base folder.  This is because they're stand alone map and skins paks that can be used in regular SOF2 as well as any other mod.  This could cause problems for people running multiple pure servers on the same system though.  If this is the case and you do not wish to run I.C.S. maps on your non ICS servers, we suggest you move them from your /base directory to your /ics directory.

=    CHANGES IN 2.0    =

- added 3 new maps
- added 2 new skin sets
- added ability to heal teammates
- added case drop time limit to Hitmen gametype
- added referee cvars and commands
- added referee menu
- added new assault rifle: OICW
- added 6 new grenades: M18 Yellow Smoke, M7A3 Tear Gas, MDN 11 Frag, F1 Frag, M67 Frag and L2A2 Frag
- added gas mask
- added silencer to US SOCOM pistol
- added new weapon skins and sounds
- changed M15 White Phosphorus grenade so it does damage
- tweaked ICS custom weapons balance
- fixed SoF2 lean/crouch bug
- fixed awarding of medals
- fixed map 'ICS - Casino' where players could get stuck behind the door of a hotel room.
- fixed map 'ICS - Bank Job' where players could get inside the large gas tank.
- removed male custom voices for 'Grenade', 'Sniper', 'Fire In The Hole' and 'Check Your Fire'

=    CVAR LIST    =

Client Cvars and Commands:

stats - displays stats for kills, grenade kills, melee kills, sniper kills and headshots
#h - displays numerical health value in text messages
#a - displays numerical armor value in text messages
#B - displays bar graph health value in text messages
#b - displays bar graph armor value in text messages
ui_radio_orders - brings up Radio Orders sub-menu
ui_radio_responses - brings up Radio Responses sub-menu
ui_radio_misc - brings up Radio Misc sub-menu

Referee Cvars and Commands:

ref_toggle - toggles any server var
ref_timelimit - sets time limit
ref_time - displays round and game times
ref_scorelimit - sets score limit
ref_roundtimelimit - sets round time limit
ref_players - displays details of all players
ref_move [player name] red, blue or s - moves players to desired team
ref_maxhealpercentage - sets maximum percentage a player can heal a teammate (default 80)
ref_map_restart - restarts current map
ref_map [map name] - loads desired map
ref_kick [player name] - kicks desired player
ref_gametype_restart - restarts round
ref_gametype [gametype] - sets desired gametype
ref_friendlyfire - 1 turns on friendly fire, 0 turns it off
ref_dmflags - sets DM flags
ref_casedroptime - sets the time case can remain dropped in Hitmen gametype (default 10 | 0=off)
ref_briefcasebeepdelay - sets the delay between case beeps in the Hitmen (default=8 | 0=off)
ref_allspec - send all players to spectator team
ref_admin [password] - enter this to gain referee privileges 

Server Cvars:

ref_pwd [password] - sets referee password
g_maxHealPercentage - Set max amount a teammate can be healed (default=80)
g_gametype hit - sets Hitmen gametype
gt_casedroptime - sets the time case can remain dropped in Hitmen gametype (default 10 | 0=off)
g_briefcaseBeepDelay - sets the delay between case beeps in the Hitmen (default=8 | 0=off)
g_teamSwap - swaps red and blue teams at map change (1=on | 0=off)
g_teamShuffle - randomly mixes teams at map change (1=on | 0=off)
g_weaponsfile - sets weapons file used (default=ics | vanilla SOF2 weapons file=sof2)

=     CREDITS     =  

John Keffer
-     Mr White	  -

Project Director & Manager, Level Design, Textures Design, Models Design, Skins, Voice Acting. Other projects include: LMCTF for Quake 2, Alliance Games for Quake 3 and Loki's Missions SP projects for Quake 2 and Half-Life. 

Hugo Tremblay 
-    huGODemon    -  

Programer! Other projects include: X-Maps for Quake 2/LMCTF and Alliance Games for Quake 3. 

Roderik van der Heijden
-    NeoGeniX     -	  

Weapon & Player Model Skin Designer, 2D Art. Other projects include:  Administrator: SOF-LAND, freelance skin design. 

Will La Chapelle 
-       Hoak      - 
Sounds Design, Weapons Modification. Other projects include: Elite 626, TacSim, NS:Fusion, Navy SEALs: Covert Operations, Editor In Chief edgenetwork: nwogamer.


All material Copyright © 2002, 2003 - ICS, All rights reserved.

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