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This is an update to the infrequents Name Editor, go give it a try :)


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This is an update to the infrequents Name Editor, go give it a try :)

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infrequents Name Editor is an editor for making colored names
for SOF2 and it's quite unlike other Name Makers.

This tool let's you see and manage your names for every installed
SOF2 Mod. It let's you choose from 50 colors and it is fully
WYSIWYG, i.e. you can see the colored name while editing it.

Place the iNameEditor.exe file anywhere you want.

 - infrequent.
.... Comments are very welcome. Just email

PPS. In case you have trouble running the program you're probably missing the VB runtime files.
I that case you can find them on Google - just search for "VB Runtime download" - or by going
directly to Microsoft:;EN-US;192461

Thanks to ShootMe and AngelFire DK for comments.

// History
//   07.nov.2003 v1.0.3: First release
//   09.nov.2003 v1.0.4: Bug reported by DooGie. Names was changed to lowercase when read fron config-files. Fixed

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