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This is the next Version of JEEL SpecOps this a classic modification for SoF II. Jeel has changed some parameters, turning the game much mor...


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This is the next Version of JEEL SpecOps this a classic modification for SoF II. Jeel has changed some parameters, turning the game much more realistic. ;)

Some of the new features in 1.8:

Weapons: Balanced weapons in two groups, primary weapons are only long range and mid range, (AK47,AK74,M4,M4SD,M4M203,MSG90A1,MSG90A1SD,SIG551,OICW,M60) secondary weapons short range and heavy weapon ( MP5,MP5SD,M590,USAS,GLOICW) Continuing the weapon serie, we have now US SOCOM and US SOCOMSD.

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I play a lot of time with Ghost Recon , it's a good game, but not enought fun ...
SOF2 is good 3D engine , but the game is not realistic , less than Ghost recon.
Well I decide to write (code ...) a mod based on SOF 3D engine,with more realistics parameters.
let's go , code and play ... JEEL

* Thank you KRIS ( , )
for your very good mod MANDOWN, I decide to make JEEL SpecOps , after playing ManDown.
* Bots files from JK2 bots .
* Thank's to Raven and ID software for their works in the gaming world.


JEEL SpecOps 1.8  18 march 2003

Some news:

Third view player:
We do not need more external script for 3D rotation in third view ,hard coded functionnality in program , 
and 3 new command added in sof2mp.cfg for this +yawL (rotate left), +yawR (rotate right), +yaw0 (reset).

5 groups exist now ; Rifleman, Support, Sniper, Demolition, Heavy Support ,( Medic to do ...)
Each group is equiped with differents weapons, weapons are balanced between differents role, 
by this way teamplay will be more realistic.
You must choose your role before the mission ... 
if you want change role during game, you have to go in ghost mode, change in menu option your new group
And return to your team, or change of team.

Balanced weapons in two groups, primary weapons are only long range and mid range,
secondary weapons short range and heavy weapon  ( MP5,MP5SD,M590,USAS,GLOICW)
Continuing the weapon serie, we have now US SOCOM and US SOCOMSD.

Add firemode and clip ammo indicator when scoped.

some new route ...

Mode demolition is ok ... correction on animation bug. All gametype tested.

Add Sniper and commando Specops

Code source:
All the code is now build on version 1.01 sof2 sdk, prior version on 1.0

DRAGUNOV (russion sniper rifle , in progress)
HK-G3A3 rifle, new weapon , model (glm) and skin are ready , working on anim ...
HK-23 assault rifle + scope ...
AK47 Spetnatz ( model and skin are ready) working on anim ...
Dual Gun (2x M19, 2x Socom , 2x Talon)

working on implementation of "wardog" like secondary weapon. ( this is a big project !)
working on implementation of leading a squad of Teambots ( yes, like in Ghost Recon ...)

working on implementation of PRONE ... in progress . ...there no real prone animation in SOF game !
we have just the player's hands , and the weapon ... i'll dont implementent this.


For all bugs .. mail me please ...


JEEL SpecOps 1.7  27 fev 2003

Some news:
AK47 is scoped weapon now ... not so bad  ...
AK74 bayonet stab is faster and single
MP5,MP5SD,AK47,M4SD,M4 3d model have a scope now , and visible in external view 
M203 only with M4 combo

Sound: AK47 and M4 , changed sounds , AK74 standard sound from SOF2.

Third view player: add crosshair to help you to shoot (only when behind player), 
but its accuracy is less than first view or scoped view ... good game play now , try it !

Weapons firing enhancement, real weapons have a very hight RPM fire,
increase RPM of MP5 , MP5SD, M4, AK47, SIGG, for this reason ,some weapons sounds are changed.

Correction of external view for OICW and OICW-GL

Normalise all weapons parameters , see weapons.xls for resume
Grenade characteristics modified for different models , power blast and radius, timer 5s or 3s.

Game type tested : CTF , DM, TDM , ELIM, INF

JEEL SpecOps 1.6  21 fev 2003

Some news:
New weapon: M4SD + scope ( killer gun !)
External view of M4SD + scope , anim, sound are now correct , good usage !
Adjust the sound of MSG90A1SD with real 7.62mm suppressed weapon.
Adjust some param in weapons file.
New vision mode : you can have a third person view in game, for better visibility (key ALT)
I am a fan of Ghost Recon, and it is a way to have a good 3d representation, when we do not have map
By default you are placed just behind the player , if you want turn around, type in the console exec 3D
and use keypad 4 and 6 to rotate, keypad 5 to reset the view.
Try playing swapping different views , first, third, scoped view ... Have fun !

Different runtime mod:
I have made for this version 1.6 a QVM run time and DLL runtime (windows)
Choose your version with parameters on command line startup.
I think that DLL runtime is faster on windows platform than QVM ... on my PC it is true !

Use bat files included to run in different modes or Add in your sof2mp.cfg :

to play in QVM mode
seta vm_gametype "1"
seta vm_ui "1"
seta vm_cgame "1"
seta vm_game "1"

to play in DLL mode ( on windows only!)
seta vm_gametype "0"
seta vm_ui "0"
seta vm_cgame "0"
seta vm_game "0"

Dont forget: this is a MOD , not a package, all the files must be in JEEL directory, 
at the same level than BASE directory , dont drop the files in BASE or MP dir !!!

I have discover that the OICW glm is not really made for MP, I can not adjust the hands on it ???
Animation in first person are good ( like in SP) , but external view ???
Can not yet adjust the silencer on MSG90A1SD ... it appears in external view, not in internal.
I think my model glm is good ... but ...
silencer on MK23 SOCOM not visible in external view ...

JEEL SpecOps 1.5  17 fev 2003

Bug correction
Now the mouse handler runs ... for people who use the mouse ... keyboard also works fine.
My team game partner (SOFR) , want to use also classical combo M4+M203 ...
Ok , I do it, we have now M4+scope (primary) and M203+scope (secondary) or clasical M4+M203 (secondary)

JEEL SpecOps 1.4  15 fev 2003

Some modifications:
New weapon : MSG90A1SD ( silenced sniper rifle) (new model in progress)
Night Vision , I change the hud display , reduce the size, like real model, 
and add markers to adjust your night shoot.
Sniper scope ,change for a "Red Dot scope" like on modern guns.
M4 use scope in secondary attack, M203 can be in secondary weapon, ammo pack of 6 HE grenade
For a full usage of M4M203 , choose M4 in primary, and M203 in secondary ( like for OICW)
MSG90A1SD is secondary weapon , it is less powerfull then MSG90A1 ( without silencer)
USAS12 is now secondary weapon ( not a good weapon, just good for short range combat).
Modify accuracy, If you try to shoot while jumping, bad luck for you !! ( like in reality life ...)
Bots with actual weapons parameters are good challengers in elimination rounds.
Type exec bluebot.cfg or exec redbot.cfg , to play against 3 bots ...

Have fun !

JEEL SpecOps 1.3  09 fev 2003

Some modifications:
 fire slector single ,burst , auto
 burst fire selector is (x2) like the real weapon.
 scope is x6 like the real weapon.
Usage of OICW assault rifle is primary weapon , 20mm is secondary weapon
For a full usage of OICW , select OICW in primary and secondary weapon
Modified sound on OICW , primary weapon sound is close than HK-G36, because ,  
OICW rifle weapon is based on HK-G36
Usage of the scope, first position is NONE , next position is Zoomed (x).
Accuracy is enhanced if we use scope on position NONE rather than no scope.
Level of ammo is active in scope hud.

MP5 and MP5SD have a scoped vision in alternate attack (x2) ... good weapon !

Added weapon SIG551:
	scope is x3
	fire selector burst is (x3) , auto and single.
	resample sound , cause original sound seem to be a toy rifle!
AK47: fire selector single and auto
AK74: resample sound weapon from video demo of russian AK factory.
M19 (colt .45): resample sound weapon from video movie factory.

Armor is a default item now , do not select it  ! 
You can choose between night vision or thermal vision.

Have fun !


JEEL SpecOps 1.2  02 fev 2003

US SOCOM is now silenced weapon ... better for stealth game
Modification on OICW , now we use 20mm HE grenade (6 rounds max)... more fun
lot of players do not like chimical grenades in game :(
In a future version , player will choose OICW-HE or OICW-TG ...

Have fun !


JEEL SpecOps 1.1 jan 2003

OCIW can now launch  "chimical bullet" ...
be carefull , don't stay too near from the smoke !!!
Add bot support , to use it type in te console addbot nachrade 5 red  ...
This version can be use as server or client, tested on windows not unix.
Have fun !!!



JEEL SpecOps 1.0

This a classic modification for SOF2.
I change some parameters, I like when game is more realistic.
I add also OCIW , and AK47 ...
This a the first version, next version weapons will have more fun ...
This is a MOD , when you unzip this file , you must have a new directory in your SOF2 folder.
Don't unzip this mod in base folder ...

Have fun !!!


Primary				Secondary
AK47 + SCOPE	*
AK74			*	
M4 + SCOPE		*	
M4 + M203		*	
MSG90A1	+ SCOPE	*	
M60				*
SIG551	+ SCOPE	*
				*	MP5SD + SCOPE
				*	USAS12
				*	M590
				*	MP5 + SCOPE



Armor ( by default )
Night Vision
Thermal Vision

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