Jellys Sounds



This is version 2 of the original JeLLyNuTz Weapon Sound Pack. Hope you all enjoy the new and revamped sounds for and includes sounds for the Sig551 and Silver_Talon,



Ok made new sounds for the sig and the talon.......plues all my old sounds are here too =D so please enjoy

Install: put this into your base/MP folder...if you dont have a mp folder make one or the mp5 sig and talon sounds
	will not work!

Sig551: new eject clip,new clip, empty, fire, and slide release sounds
Silver_Talon: New cock, fire, clip in, and clip out sounds

Enjoy =D



{UPS}JeLLyNuTz Sound Pak

How to install:
Place the pak file into your sof2/base/mp folder. 
***CAUTION***:It must be in the mp folder or the mp5 sound will not work!

only works on non-pure servers

Before I get into telling you what new sounds there is I would like to thank my Team Mate {UPS}biohazard for inspiring
me to do this pak, and reminding me that the file has to goto mp folder =P I would also like to thank fubah for helping
me on starting it without him I wouldnt have done it, and for his shotgun fire sound that he let me use.

File Info:
theres new sounds for almost everything the gun does.
AK74: new eject clip, empty, fire sound, new clip, and slide release
M1911A1: new clip in, clip out, empty, fire, hammer back, and slide
M3A1: new bolt back, bolt forward, ready, clip in, clip out, empty, and fire
M4: new bolt pull, bolt release, bullet ram in, clip eject, clip insert, empty, glaunch, grenade slide, grenade slide2,
    and m4 fire
M590: new empty, pump 1, pump 2, pumpnpc, and thanks again to fubah for his fire sound.
M60: new ammo belt, latch close, latch open, ready, and fire
MICRO UZI: new bolt, clip in, clip out, empty, ready, and fire
MP5: new clip in, clip out, fire, and pull lever.
MM1: new fire
RPG7: new empty, fire, fly by, and ready
SNIPER: new ready, clip in, clip out, empty, and fire
STUN GRENADE(flash): new sonic (bang)
USAS12: new empty, fire, ready, slide release, snap in, snap out
US SOCOM: new clip in, clip out, empty, hammer back, slide, and fire

Enjoy! =D

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