Jihad! is fairly simple. One player is chosen to be the "Infidel". The Infidel gets a single bullet weapon (AK, outfitted Secondary, or ou...


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Jihad! is fairly simple. One player is chosen to be the "Infidel". The Infidel gets a single bullet weapon (AK, outfitted Secondary, or outfitted Pistol, based on a server cvar) and a knife. Everyone else gets a single grenade (frag or flame, based on outfitting), which they may arm...but not throw. The objective is to blow up the Infidel. If you succeed - you become the Infidel

There are only two ways to score Blow up the Infidel (a default 3 points, plus 1 point for the kill) Be the Infidel and shoot those trying to blow you up (1 point each) There are no points awarded for blowing up non-Infidels, and there is no suicide penalty. The first Infidel is the first person to blow themselves up at the start of the round. If the Infidel suicides (cowardly leaps off a cliff) or disconnects, a new Infidel is selected by the same method.

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Download 'jihad.zip' (1.13MB)

Installation information for users and server administrators is presented
in the middle of this document.
Title                   : Jihad!
Abbreviations		: jihad
Version			: Final 1.0
Date                    : 02-03-2003
Filenames               : jihad.pk3
Author                  : ReverendTed
Email                   : ReverendTed@planetsoldier.com
Gametype Homepage	: http://www.planetsoldier.com/jihad/

* Description\Rules *

Description	: A new multiplayer gametype for Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix.
Objective	: Become the Infidel and stay alive as long as possible.
		  To become the Infidel, self-immolate close enough to the Infidel
		  to kill them.
Scoring		: Points are scored when the Infidel kills a non-Infidel, or when
		  a non-Infidel kills the infidel.
		  No suicide penalty is assessed for self-immolation.
		  No points to non-infidels for killing other non-infidels
Rules		: The first person to kill themselves becomes the first Infidel.
		  The Infidel gets a single bullet weapon and a single knife.
		  The Infidel weapon is determined by the "gt_jihadweapon #" cvar,
		  where # is "1", "2", or "3".
			1: "Primary" - Infidel gets AK (Large games.)
			2: "Secondary" - Infidel gets outfitted secondary weapon
			3: "Pistol" - Infidel gets outfitted pistol (Small games.)
		  Non-Infidels get a Frag or Flame grenade, depending on their
		  selected outfitting.  (Smoke and Flash selected gets you a Frag.)
		  Non-Infidels may arm the grenade, but not throw it.
		  You can NOT put the pin back in.
		  Non-Infidels may use Team Say to plot strategies without the
		  Infidel hearing.
		  If the Infidel commits suicide (falls off of something, goes spec,
		  or disconnects), Infidel status is up for grabs.  The first person
		  to kill themselves becomes the new Infidel.
		  The radar icon indicates the Infidel is above or below you by having only
		  the top or bottom half of the icon visible.
Server Cvars	: gt_jihadweapon # (See description above, in "Rules")
		  gt_jihadDefendPoints # (Points for killing Infidel. Default "4")
Notes\Bugs	: To prevent a certain outfitting error, the respawn delay has been
		  upped to 3.5 seconds.  You can click "attack" to signal for respawn,
		  but be careful not to keep clicking once you respawn with that
		  grenade in your hand!
		  If you become Infidel after respawning with a grenade (flame nade
		  usage has this risk), simply detonate yourself to respawn with
		  the selected Infidel weapon.
		  I recommend mp_hos1 and mp_barn (new DM-compatible version included)
		  for enjoyable Jihad! action.

* Play Information *

Game                    : Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix
Type                    : Multiplayer
g_gametype Modes	: jihad
Requires                : SoF2 Full Version 1.02 or higher
			: (You must have the patch installed, so you can see the HUD icons.)
Players                 : As many or as few as you like, but at least 4 is recommended,
			  depending on the size of the map.
Mapping Support		: Jihad! requires no custom map changes.  Any map that supports DM
			  already supports Jihad!

* Construction *

Base                    : Original creation, based on Raven Software MP SDK source code.
Editor                  : Notepad, baybee.
Buildtime               : About two weeks, and then another two weeks, including testing.
Known Bugs              : None.
			  However, there is one thing you should look out for.
			  If you prime a flame nade, are killed, and the flames kill the
			  Infidel after you've already respawned, you'll need to immediately
			  kill yourself to get rearmed with the Infidel weapons.
			  (There is no penalty for this, and you will remain Infidel.)

Features                : Action, Suspense, Drama, Jihad!
New Textures?		: Yes (I changed the objective icon to a little target.)
			  Also, new flag texture.
New Sounds?		: Yes.  The score sound is -=SoF=- LimiT.  Yes, he is insane.
Custom Soundtrack?	: No

Compile Machine         : AMD XP 1800+, 512MB RAM, 40GB HD, GeForce4 Ti 4400
Compile Time            : A few seconds

* Installation *                

1) Extract jihad.zip to your SoF2 directory, using folder names.
	!Important!	Do NOT extract jihad.pk3 to your SoF2\base\ directory.
	!Important!	When installed, it should be in the SoF2\jihad\ directory.
	!Important!	Ie: C:\Games\Sof2\jihad\jihad.pk3

* To Play *

Once the mod is installed, simply joining a server running Jihad! will load the mod for you.

Note:	Jihad! is a mod, unlike KtMwtB, which is an add-on.  While KtMwtB only required that
the files be placed in the SoF2\base\ directory to run, Jihad! must be loaded as a
modification from the Mods menu (Method 1), or loaded from the command line (Method 2).

Method 1:
-Start SoF2MP.exe
-Click the Mods menu button (crossed hammer and wrench)
-Select "Jihad!" from the list and click the arrow to load the mod
-Click the "Start Server" icon and click the gametypes until "Jihad!" shows
-Pick your map and go.

Method 2:
-Start SoF2MP.exe with the command-line option "+set fs_game jihad"
	ie: "c:\Games\SoF2\SoF2MP.exe +set fs_game jihad"
 (This command-line is necessary for dedicated servers to run Jihad!)
-Start server as normal

* Uninstallation *

Simply delete the \jihad\ directory in your SoF2 directory.

* Editorial Note *

The usage of the term "jihad" to denote a "holy war" is found nowhere in Islamic literature.
Its usage as such is primarily a product of the Western media.  In literal terms, "jihad"
means "to strive" or "to struggle".  In Islamic teachings Mohammed states that greatest
jihad is the struggle of a man against his own evil influences.
The gameplay represented in "Jihad!" is not representative of any Islamic doctrine, but
rather satirizes the Westernized view of a relatively small population of extremists who
practice such acts (in direct violation of the teachings of the faith they profess to be

* Credits *

PlanetSoldierofFortune.com - Your source for SoF\SoF2 news, information, and content.

My Hunny-Bunny, Sarah, for putting up with me as I slaved away over pages and pages of code.

Raven Software, for SoF2.  You rock, guys!
Special Mad Extra Props to Ben "mechanodroid" Geisler and Bryan "Apoxol" Dube for their
patient and infinitely informative help while designing this gametype.

Caryn "HellChick" Law, for her assistance with my earliest delvings into the deepest depths
of the SoF2 source code, and for her patient participation during testing, when everything
was broken.  Good luck with Detonator!  (As if you needed it.)

ManDown's Kris for the menu files to customize the loading screens.

-=SoF=- LimiT, and -=SoF=- RamRod, for their help during the testing phases of development.

[NN] - Clan NumbNutz [ http://www.numbnutz.net ]
(Darel, Moo-Cow, MyelinSheath, INebre8ted, -=RC=-, Grendel)

bx| - Clan brandx [ http://www.astraybullet.com/03/ ]
(soul, wally, WEA$EL)

NN and bx Server Page: [ http://www.numbnutz.net/RtCW/rtcw.htm ]

Everyone who has been running and messaging me about Kill the Man with the Ball, because
without this kind of feedback from my first custom gametype, I never would have found myself
poking my nose into the code to work up a new one.
[ http://www.planetsoldier.com/sof2/ktmwtb.shtml ]

My brothers-in-arms, the mental patients of -=SoF=- [ http://www.sofposse.com ], for giving
me a great server to play on, and a great group of guys to fight alongside in battle.
You're all a bunch of freaks!
-=SoF=- Server Page: [ http://www.sofposse.com/server.htm ]

Subway, Taco Bell, Sonic, Burger King, Papa John's, Kool Aid, Pizza Hut, and most of all,
Sam's Choice American Cheddar Cheese Crunch for the gut-rotting fuel which maintains my
unhealthy marathon development sessions.

* Permissions*

All original and composed textures or assets in this pk3 remain property of
the source's respective owners.
You MAY distribute this ZIP archive in any not-for-profit electronic format (BBS, Internet,
CD, etc) as long as you contact me first and include all files, including this readme,
intact in the original archive.

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