John Mullins AI Drive Thru

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The story:

John is on his break, and decides to get something to eat. He's going to a drive-thru, and discovers that it isnt a normal drive-thru... John's 2 darkest secrets are being exposed... The things you wont expect from him...


Go download it and see what you think :)



"John Mullins - AI Drive-thru"
By Mr. Gimp

Well... i thought taylors funeral would the last one...
but my weird sence of humor has made something again

How to play:

( I think people will know how to play this, but you might never know.... )

step 1: Buy a computer... ( If you already own a computer, then skip to step 2 )
step 2: Look at the manual on how to plug your computer
step 3: fwejhoqwawuioquoioipnmvcdsajhcakcl

aawh, whatever, play the damn mp3 already.....


This spoof of John Mullins is made completely out of the original game voices. 
Do NOT edit the sounds and/or add sounds to the original one. Ask me, its not hard... 
This was pretty hard to make ( This one to )
Create your own spoof ;)

Questions, suggestions at
[email protected]

* dont spam me please...* :)

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