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This is NOT the full story, its only part one otherwise the file gets to big. Part 2 is in development... so be patience!! :P If t...


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This is NOT the full story, its only part one otherwise the file gets to big. Part 2 is in development... so be patience!! :P If there is enough support to finish it, i'll finish it. This one is way different then those other spoof. This... Is serious... I worked my as... Butt off for this one Its more like a movie trailer, see the story below for more info

The story:

Deep in a research lab, located in the Urals in Russia. scientist were experimenting with 8 strains of Anthrax. When it is combined with the Gemini strains, the DNA will mutate 3500 times faster, and is extremely deadly. This new virus code named Romulus is capable of infecting anything that lives. But when it is combined, it will make the person infected with the virus turn to anything that lives. DNA of the subject will change when it has got in touch with blood. Eventually the person who got bitten gets infected with the virus. Scientist knew it was a threat,and decided to stop the project. Eventhough the project was stopped, they kept samples of it. After a few months they resumed the project to create a chemical weapon. But the experiment went horribly wrong... This was all a secret until June 1, 2006, when the US recieved satelite photos, of different chemicals entering the base. The Russian government denied any association, or knowledge of this base.

Now the base is infested with zombies, undead dogs, and many... many creatures that are haunting inside....

John is send out to search for survivors and extract them. Containing the virus before its too late... This routine mission is anything but routine...


Well, What are you waiting for go download it and see what you think :D

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How to play:

( I think people will know how to play this, but you might never know.... )

step 1: Buy a computer... ( If you already own a computer, then skip to step 2 )
step 2: Look at the manual on how to plug your computer
step 3: fwejhoqwawuioquoioipnmvcdsajhcakcl

aawh, whatever, play the damn mp3 already.....



Stephen Baker for helping with the storydevelopment and
his amazing zombie sounds... make you think that he is a real zombie...

SoF2 for the funny voices so that i can make spoofs! =D

My bird


This spoof of John Mullins is made completely out of the original game voices. 
Do NOT edit the sounds and/or add sounds to the original one. Ask me, its not hard... 
This was pretty hard to make (esspecially this one.... yeah again....)
Create your own spoof ;)

Questions, suggestions at
[email protected]

* dont spam me please...* :)

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