Jordan Market Expanded

Here's an awesome remake of the Mp Jordan map. If you are a bit tired of the stock map because of walking the same routes all the time, her...


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Here's an awesome remake of the Mp Jordan map. If you are a bit tired of the stock map because of walking the same routes all the time, here's a nice replacement. The map is now larger than the original map, since many places, rooms and even buildings hav ebeen added which greatly improves the CTF gameplay. here are now so many more routes to steal and capture the flag, or to hide somewhere near your base.

Most of the things have been changed near the spawnpoints of both teams, but in the middle of the map you can see a few changes too. There is now a large bridge throughout the whole map and not only at one side. I think this map is by far good enough for a place in your mapcycle as a replacement for the standard Jordan map.

Nice detail, no bugs, a few secrets according to the readme, many rooms and places to explore and every gametype is supported. Now what do you want more? Go grab this map and have fun.

Supported Gametypes: All Maximum Players: 48 Pickups Supported: Yes

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Download '' (2.74MB)

Readme File:

Title : Jordan Market Expanded - mp_jor69
Description : A remake of the popular stock map, 
In this version there are many new ctf routes and new places to explore.
aswell as the moving of the blue spawn site to make it more balanced to the red team.
Release Date : January 2006
Version : 1
Filename : mp_jor69.pk3
Author : BuLLy
Email : [email protected]


* Construction *

Buildtime : 6 Months (on and off)
Compile Time : 30 mins
Editor : GtkRadiant 1.4
Map Known Bugs : no
Gametype Known Bugs : no
Features : - Many new rooms and places to explore aswell as balanced teams.
Secret : Yes but they are secret. lol
New Textures? : no
New Sounds? : no
Custom Soundtrack? : no

Compile Machine : AMD 3700+ 64bit, 2Gig DDR2, Ge-Force 9800 Pro, Windows x64 Edition.


* Play Information *

Game : Soldier of Fortune II - Double Helix (multi-
Type : elim, dm, inf, ctf, dem
Requires : at least Soldier of Fortune II - Double 
Helix version 0.13
Players : max 48

* Installation * 

(example: C:\Program Files\Soldier of Fortune II - 
Double Helix\ Base)


* Credits *

The creators of the maps Italy and Jordan Market
PTP (SOF2 clan) for testing this map.

*Special Thanks* For the great work they do for 
the community

* Permissions*

All original and composed textures or assets in 
this level remain property of the sources 
respective owners. You MAY distribute this ZIP,PK3
in any not-for-profit electronic format (BBS, 
Internet, CD, etc) as long as you contact me first,
and include all files, including this readme, 
intact in the original archive.

* Warning - Must Read and Understand Before Use*

The author of this file accepts no responsibility 
for damage to data, or physical damage to hardware,
caused by the appropriate or inappropriate use of
this file. It is deemed that users who run this 
file, automatically are considered as having read
and understood this liability clause before using 
the said file.


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