Khaiman's SOF2 SKINS and TUTORIAL *Link included*

210934-182950-SOF2 FILES KHAI MAN.zip


It looks like something is going on with my files on GameFront. An error shows on them, saying they are currently missing and not available to download. Not sure if this is a temporary bug on the site, or somehow the uploads got damaged, because I noticed this error on other uploads on the site besides my own. In any case, if the error persists, I have uploaded all 17 of my soldiers, and my Custom NPC tutorial, all into one file, with a MediaFire link here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/m71qucooq8qlfvi/SOF2+FILES+KHAI+MAN.zip/file

What is included:

Solid Snake Skin                        3xSkins Maya                               3xSkins Victoria

3xSkins Aiko                               3xSkins Nadia                              1xCustom NPC Tutorial 

2xSkins Ashley                          2xSkins Nzingha

3xSkins Bria                               2xSkins Olonzo

2xSkins Carminda                    3xSkins Raven

2xSkins Doll                               3xSkins Sabrina

2xSkins Kandi                           2xSkins Summer

2xSkins Khai                             2xSkins Tala

40 skins in one file! Once again at this link:





Use the MediaFire link and unzip the .zip file.

Insert all .pk3 files in the mp folder of the game's BASE folder.

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