Kill the Man with the Ball



Version 1.00 of Kill the Man with the Ball, the first User-made custom gametype for Soldier of Fortune 2 Multiplayer, has been released. This version represents a "completed product", as it were. Changes from Beta 1 include a fix for an exploit using the "drop item" key in the FFA variant, and new HUD icons in the Team Variant. Also, a number of the more critical gametype cvars have been locked, so that they can only be changed between rounds.

Also visit Planet Soldier's KTMWTB homepage.



Installation information for users and server administrators is presented
in the middle of this document.
Title                   : Kill the Man with the Ball
			: (Scramble and Team Scramble)
Abbreviations		: ktmwtb, tktmwtb
Version			: Final 1.00
Date                    : 7-16-2002
Filenames               : ktmwtb.pk3 (Contains the gametype code.)
			: xktmwtbRMG.pk3 (Contains RMG support.  Prefixed with "x" because
			  it must preempt existing RMG files.  May inhibit your ability to
			  play on Non-Pure RMG servers, if installed.)
			  ktmwtb.ctf (A configuration file for server administrators.)
			  ktmwtbStockMaps.pk3 (An optional download containing updated
			  versions of some of the stock Raven maps with ktmwtb support.)
Author                  : ReverendTed
Email                   : [email protected]
Webpage			: http://www.planetsoldier.com/sof2/ktmwtb.shtml

Description             : A new multiplayer gametype for Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix
			  based on the popular (but oft pointless) backyard game "Kill the
			  Man with the Ball".  Only now there are actual points to be had...
			  Oh, and guns, too.  ;-)
			  The Team variant is quite robust (IMO), and I suggest you check it
			  out in the game, then read the UsefulCvars.txt file to familiarize
			  yourself with the game's various options.

* Play Information *

Game                    : Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix
Type                    : Multiplayer
g_gametype Modes	: ktmwtb, tktmwtb
Requires                : SoF2 Full Version 1.01 or higher
			: (You must have the patch installed, so you can see the HUD icons.)
Players                 : As many or as few as you like.
Mapping Support		: To add support for ktmwtb and tktmwtb to your map, add an entity
			  of type "gametype_item" (with key pair "targetname" "ball" and key
			  pair "gametype" "ktmwtb tktmwtb") into your map in a central area.
			  Then, add "ktmwtb" and "tktmwtb" to the "type" entry of your map's
			  .arena file.
			  That's all there is to it!
			  You can also include the mapname_ktmwtb_ball.jpg and
			  mapname_tktmwtb_ball.jpg briefing images, if you wish.
			  Check out the Gametype List for specific information:
			  [ http://www.planetsoldier.com/sof2/mrc/gametypes.shtml ]

Maps Claimed to Support : The Middle Ages 2 (Updated) - by Pharao_FS
KtMwtB at Release Time  : All (Updated) maps by Fragger
			: All -ktmwtb suffixed Raven maps in the ktmwtb-Stock-Maps Mappack

* Construction *

Base                    : Original creation, based on Raven Software MP SDK source code.
Editor                  : Notepad, baybee.
Buildtime               : Few days.
Known Bugs              : I would like to have the Ball carrier always show up on the radar,
			   but I'm not sure I can make that happen.
			   No other problems for user-built maps, but RMG maps have...
			  -Symmetric maps always have two objectives.  I only need one.
			   Use only the White-circled objective.  The Red objective does
			  -May be hard to find your opponent in smaller games, since there
			   is no easy way to force a player to show up on the Radar.
			   (To rememdy this is why "Long Haul" was originally conceived.)
			  -The Objective icon does not show up on the Automap AT ALL in FFA.
			   You just have to know that it's either at the White circle, or
			   will be soon.
			  -It is not always possible to have the objectives spawn near the
			   center of an RMG map.  Put your hiking boots on!
			   Sometimes a map will be generated where the objectives are
			   completely inacessible.  Just move on to the next map and hope
			   for the best!
			  -I suggest these two strings as examples of "okay" RMG KtMwtB maps
 			   "rmgmap 1 small 2 jungle 3 day 4 feflehism 0"
			   "rmgmap 1 small 2 jungle 3 day 4 oniboessious 0"
			  -It is necessary to include an altered set of .instance files,
			   which, during testing, does not appear to affect the generation
			   of RMG maps in other gametypes.  You may not have problems
			   joining Non-Pure RMG servers with the RMG .pk3 installed, but I
			   will not be surprised if it turns out to cause problems as such.
			  -There are .mission files for medium and small RMG map sizes, but
			   their contents are identical for the time being.

Features                : Action, Suspense, Drama, Balls!
New Textures?		: Yes (I changed the objective icon to a little soccer ball.)
New Sounds?		: No
Custom Soundtrack?	: No

Compile Machine         : Celeron 600, 192MB RAM, 10GB HD, GeForce2 MX400 PCI 64MB
Compile Time            : A few seconds

* Installation *                

General Installation:
1) Place ktmwtb.pk3 in your SoF2 /base/ directory.
Note: If you only wish to play on User-Built maps with KtMwtB support, this is the only
file you need to install.

Adding Stock Raven maps with KtMwtB support (Strongly Encoraged):
2) Download and install the ktmwtbStockMaps.pk3 (available separately).
[ http://www.fileplanet.com/dl/dl.asp?/planetsoldieroffortune/files/ktmwtb-stock-maps.zip ]
Note: These maps are suffixed with "-ktmwtb" to differentiate them from the stock Raven MP
maps.  (ie: "mp_shop-ktmwtb", "mp_col1-ktmwtb")  These are user-altered versions of
Raven-made maps, and while I did ask and receive permission to release the altered maps,
they are neither supported nor endorsed by the original authors nor by Raven Software.
If you do not already have some user-made maps that support KtMwtB (or even if you do), I
highly suggest you download this map pack.

Adding RMG Support (Optional):
3) Place xktmwtbRMG.pk3 in your SoF2 /base/ directory.
Note: This alters the .instance files used by the RMG.  This shouldn't inhibit your ability
to play on Non-Pure RMG servers without this PK3 installed, but be just warned that it
-could-.  Testing has suggested that there are no conflicts, but it is possible that
something was overlooked.
Also Note: It just isn't possible to achieve consistent ktmwtb results using the current RMG
framework.  This "RMG Support" is provided "as-is" and I cannot guarantee that it'll be
worth more than two flips of a plug nickel.  I can just about guarantee that your ratio of
"neat" maps to "crap" maps will be very, very low.  If you find some "fun settings", please
don't hesistate to let me know!

Server Administrators:
4) Place ktmwtb.cfg in your SoF2 /base/mp/ directory, and add "exec ktmwtb.cfg" to your
server.cfg file or autoexec.cfg file.  (This is not necessary, but will make it easier to
customize the gameplay characteristics of Kill the Man with the Ball.)

* To Play *

Start an SoF2 Multiplayer Game.
Select "Scramble" or "Team Scramble" from the multiplayer server list.
*or pull down the console (~) and type : "g_gametype ktmwtb" or "g_gametype tktmwtb"
Then start a map that has support for ktmwtb or tktmwtb.

* Uninstallation *

Simply delete the custom .pk3 files.

* Credits *

PlanetSoldierofFortune.com - Your source for SoFSoF2 news, information, and content.

My Hunny-Bunny, Sarah, for putting up with me as I slaved away over pages and pages of code.

Raven Software, for SoF2.  You rock, guys!
Special Mad Extra Props to Ravenfolk Ryan Danz, Bryan "Apoxol" Dube, Rick Johnson, Clem
"Mardegun" Samson-Samuel, Ben Geisler, Kenn Hoekstra, Jim O'Keane and the others I've
forgotten (sorry!) for all their patient and infinitely informative help while designing
this gametype.  Dan Kramer, gentle giant - good luck.

GODh, Pharao_fs, Fragger, foyleman, and the other members of the SoF2 mapping community for
their assistance and support.

Caryn "HellChick" Law at Activision, for her assistance and counsel regarding the "Content
Use" implications of the ktmwtb-Stock-Maps mappack. 

[PSoF]LimiT, HomeLan's Tarzanboy, and anyone else who got an earlier copy of ktmwtb, for
their assistance in testing out the gameplay mechanics.

Everyone who, since the Beta 1 release, has messaged me personally, posted comments in file
archives, or otherwise communicated to me that they really enjoy KtMwtB.  While I would be
thrilled to see KtMwtB become a "major" gametype, these comments alone have made the entire
effort worthwhile.

My brothers-in-arms, the mental patients of -=SoF=-, for giving me a great server to play
on, and a great group of guys to fight alongside in battle.  You're all a bunch of freaks!

Subway, Taco Bell, Sonic, Burger King, and Pizza Hut, for the gut-rotting fuel which
maintains my unhealthy marathon development sessions.

* Permissions*

All original and composed textures or assets in this pk3 remain property of
the sources respective owners.
You MAY distribute this PK3 in any not-for-profit electronic format (BBS, Internet,
CD, etc) as long as you contact me first, and include all files, including this readme,
intact in the original archive.

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