Killa's Private Bind Script

Some Binds for you to try if you wish :p


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Some Binds for you to try if you wish :p

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---Killa's Private Bind Script---


Extract killa.cfg To Your Soldier Of Fortune 2 Base Folder Usually

C:\Program Files\Soldier of Fortune II - Double Helix\base

Then Load Up You Game And Open Your Console Then Type 

exec killa

That Will Load The Script Then A Message Will Come Up In Your Console Giving You
Instructions On How To Use It.

Feel Free To Edit The Script In Anyway As Long As You Leave My Instruction Message In There
Or Give Some Sort Of Credit To Me As I Went To The Trouble Of Digging It Out Of Sof2 Editing It And
Putting It Out In The Open.

--Build Time--
Well I Cant Really Remember How Long It Took I Did It A While Ago But Some Of The Script Was Already Done In A Sof2 Config File So I
Only Edited The Binds And Added A Couple Of Lines Of Script So Maybe 10 Minutes Or So Doing It Then Another 10 Minutes
Getting It Right And Trying It Out And Ive Been Using It For A Couple Of Months If That Counts ;D

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