Kin Edition

A Single Player mod using part from other mods all put together and added to. Please refer to the ReadMe for full details.


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File Description

A Single Player mod using part from other mods all put together and added to. Please refer to the ReadMe for full details.

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			S o l d i e r   o f   F o r t u n e   2  :  D o u b l e   H e l i x 

					     G o l d   E d i t i o n

					Weapon Mod 5.0 + Kin Edition 2007

 Mod Title              : Kin Edition 2007
 Description     	: Addon pack for Weapon Mod 5.0
 Release Date         	: 27 July 2007
 Version		: v1.0
 File Size		: 23.2MB
 Filename               :
 Singleplayer		: Yes
 Multiplayer		: No
 Author	           	: Xlex-Kin (Malaysian)
 Email      		: [email protected]   


	Kin Edition consist different mods from the many Respective Creators.
	I choose the most I like and mix it into a SP game. Except of
	that, i also create my own modification in the game. Main purpose
	is to make the SP game more excitable and interesting.
	In this mod i just use some part of:

		- Base Tools		(By Fragger)
		- PerfectFX2.0 		(By K.Taro)
		- Fortune Babes v2 	(By Dr.Death and Waraji)
		- tanto knife 		(By FHL34)
		- Vulpes Weapon Mod	(By Scipey)
		- ROC-WpnIcons  	(By Douglas Giovany)
		- ibsof2_mod		(By ? but thanks any...)
		- TacOps RMG 		(By ? but thanks any...)
		- Weapon Skins		(By Fragger, Jet a.k.a Persa, BoD|Diablo>LDR, Damaen)
		- Model Skins		(By Fragger, |MSV| Red Skull, Lars ziegler)
		- Other effect		(By wTc-|-GunSmoKe)


	Go to RMG in outfit screen choose your favourite weapon, but do not press "start".
	Open the console(shift + ~) to type map name that you wanted to play with.
	(eg: map shop6) Then the loaded map you will begin with your weapons selected.

 	On the other hand, bring down the console in main menu, type in "RAVEN 1" the maps levels
	selection will available next click in single game menu screen.



 Buildtime		: More than 1 year
 Base			: pk32zip.bat + zip2pk3.bat
 Editor 		: Notepad + Paint + ACDSee 5.0 + ACD FotoCanvas 2.0



	-Soldier of Fortune 2 Gold (at least v1.03 patch)
	-Weapon Mod 5.0


	After installed "Weapon Mod 5.0", then only u paste the PK3 files in weapon mod folder,
	many files in this KIN EDITION will overwrite to work. 
	(example: C:\Program Files\Soldier of Fortune II - Double Helix\WeaponMod)

 This Mod contents:

	wpn_mod_kin.pk3		= New Data to overwrite.
	zfoe.pk3		= Variety NPC in singleplayer game.
	xtk.pk3			= Variety Effects
	zkins.pk3		= Variety Weapons Skins
	zounds.pk3		= Variety Sounds
	RMG.pk3			= TacOps RMG Mod (optional)



 7 New weapons: Few I taken from "The Vulpes Weapon Mod" (THANK YOU very much :)
	Holly Pistol, 
	M1014 Shotgun, 
	Quaker MP5, 
	G36 Rifle, 
	SVD Sniper, 
	MM2 Bowling Cannon, 
	BFG Rocket Launcher.		

 Silenced M1991A1 now become MM-2 Bowling Cannon.

 Silenced M1911A1 now become Holly Pistol.

 Type56 now become M1014 Shotgun.

 Silenced Micro Uzi now become SVD Sniper Rifle.

 Silenced MP5 now become Quaker Electric MP5 Sub-machinegun.

 M4 with Scope now become G36 Assault Rifle.

 M4 with M203 has change to alternative fire MDN-11 grenades.

 AK47 now become black AK103.

 RPG7 now become BFG Launcher with 5 rockets.

 New Sounds: main menu, weapons, alarm, pickup and so on. (Some taken from quake2, quake3, Counter Strike and so on.)

 New weapons skins (texture quality high and above only), new edited icons and weapon renders. (THANK YOU sof2filefront :)

 New enemy skin.(THANK YOU sof2filefront :)

 Variety explosion effects for every most weapons in the game.

 Unique Characters(NPC) come join into battle! 

 Marine NPC now they use RPG7-2 and Quaker MP5 in game now. (RMG too)

 Every SP levels map have some few boss now. (headshot is not avaible, their health is 300-700 points)

 NPCs can use various new weapons now, including explosive dangerous weapons.

 Some NPCs have stronger health point, but u shoot their head will die instantly.

 NPCs now have most use flash grenades and smoke granades. 

 New Random Mission Generator from TacOps Mod. (THANK YOU vary much :)

 Modified muzzle flashes colour and used Perfect FX 2.0 mod. (THANK YOU vary much :)

 Self creating knife! Throw out one, but pick up 2 knife! Model taken from Tanto Mod (THANK YOU sof2filefront :)

 All weapons have different scope view and angle. (THANK YOU sof2filefront :)

 Use the new effects from the "perfect FX 2.0" (bloods n bullet effects only)

 Some effect and sound I change back to the original one.

 Some weapons has new alternative fire with other ammo. (eg: AK74, AK103, MP5A3)

 New cursor and crosshairs. (THANK YOU sof2filefront :)

 Addition gun tracers.

 New Strip text for the game.(eg: main menu, game over text...)

 Some NPCs with cantones voices. (heehee... because i m chinese.) 

 OICW will avaiable in all outfitting screen.

 All weapons carry limit has expanded.

 Some weapons added alternative aim zoom.


 New Modification with all weapons in detail:	

 Weapon Name\		Sound\	Skin\	Primary Ammo\	Alternative fire\	Features\

-Pathfinder (knife)	new!	new!	-		Fast throwing		-Longer range attack.
-Mk 23 SD (socom)	yes	yes	am_045acp	Melee attack		-New view and auto fire mode.
-Mk 23			yes	yes	am_045acp	Aim 			-single fire mode.
-M1911A1		yes	yes	am_045acp	Aim 			-single fire mode.
-M1911A1sd (holly}	yes	-	am_12gauge	Melee attack		-shoot unknow explosive powder.	
-M1991A1		yes	-	am_9mm		auto fire		-Added burst mode. (mouse2)		
-Desert Eagle		yes	Gold	am_357mag	auto fire		-Added burst mode. (mouse2)
-Usas-12		yes	yes	am_12gauge	.357 mag		-High damage and critical, but range limited.
-M590			-	-	am_12gauge	Melee attack		-Critical high but spread more a bit.
-Type 56 (m1014)	no	no	am_12gauge	high damage (slow)	-Good accuracy, available long range combat.

-Micro Uzi		-	-	am_9mm		Aim			-adjusted to 33 clip size.
-M3A1			yes	-	am_045acp	Use 9mm	fire		-Become explosive firing and 25 clip size.
-MP5			yes	-	am_9mm		Red scope		-Changed flash muzzle.
-MP5A3			yes	-	am_9mm		0.45ACP			-auto aim view.
-MP5 SD	(electric)	yes	-	am_545mm	Shoot knife		-I call it Quaker MP5, shoot electron.
-OICW			yes	yes	am_556mm	New scope		-40 clip size and auto mode fire.
-SG-553			yes	yes	am_762mm	.357 mag		-auto aim view.

-M4			yes	-	am_556mm	Aim			-New view angle and new flash muzzle.
-M5 (G36)		new!	new!	am_556mm	Sniper Scope		-No more M4 with Scope...
-M4SD			-	-	am_556mm	use thermal		-New view angle.
-M4 + M203 		no	no	am_556mm	MDN11 Launcher		-original view angle.
-AK74			-	-	am_556mm	7.62 belt		-higher damage but more inaccuracy.
-AK47 (AK103)		yes	yes	am_762mm	7.62 belt		-higher damage but more inaccuracy.
-AKM			yes	-	am_556mm	Red scope		-New muzzle flash.
-AKMSD			yes	yes	am_762mm	Nightvision Scope	-New view angle.
-SG-551			yes	yes	762mmbelt	Nightvision Scope	-New muzzle flash.
-SG-552			yes	yes	am_045acp	Red scope		-New view angle.

-Micro Uzi SD (SVD)	new!	new!	am_545mm	6x Zoom			-Change to SVD sniper with 2000 damage point!!!
-MSG90A1		yes	yes	am_357mag	New scope		-Have 6 clip size and a better scope.
-MM1			yes	-	40mm grenade	Flash grenades(38mm)	-Primary fire shoot gas grenade.
-M1991A1sd (MM2)	yes	-	AirBurst	Blowling ball(20mm)	-Change to a dangerous weapon shoot fire ball!!!
-M60			yes	-	762mmbelt	7.62mm			-50 clip size n critical hit is higher but low damage.
-RPG7 (BFG)		yes	-	40mmHE		Binocular Scope		-Play like Quake 3 Arena. You will love it :)	
-RPG7-2			yes	-	HEAT rockets	Binocular Scope		-Rocket with flame. But not yet to let NPC use.

-M67			-	-	-		-			-Low radius, but more powerful.
-M84			no	Pepsi	-		-			-Larger radius and it hurt people.
-ANM14			no	yes	-		-			-New effect from PerfectFX 2.0
-M15			no	yes	-		-			-Added steam effect, the smoke hurt people too.
-F1			-	-	-		-			-Speedy throwing, but less damage.
-L2A2			-	-	-		-			-Low damage, but high radius.		
-MDN11			-	-	-		-			-Impact grenade.
-SMOHG92 		-	-	-		-			-Floating grenade.				


 New SinglePlayer Game maps:

	PLACE\			WEAPONS\				NPC\				

	Prague 			-AK74, M3A1, silver talon		-Czech Girls, Honor Guard.	
	Colombia		-MSG90A1, AK74, RPG7			-Female Col, fem_col2, fire_fighter.		
	Finca			-Micro Uzi, AK47, M590			-Finca Girls, Patient.		
	Liner			-MK23, M1991A1, Holly pistol		-Mimes, victim, virus_male. 	
	Hong Kong		-Micro Uzi, AKM, MM1, AK47		-Sexy Girls, Chemsuit Soldier, Skullman.	
	Kamchatka		-SIG553, G36, M1014, MP5A3, MM2		-Armored female, Rainsuit Guy. 	
	Indoor snow		-M4SD, AKMSD, M1014			-Neo, Catwoman.		
	Airport, Hospital	-MP5, SIG551, OICW, M590		-Hollowman, fatman, Prometheus		
	Shop			-SIG552, M60, M4A1, USAS-12,		-Heavy_gunner, shieldman, War Lady.	



	-AKM and RPG7-2 will have some problem showing in outfit screen, i have no idea why is that happening. 
	 Anyway, they work well in game, dont worry.

	-During the outfit screen menu, sometime the new weapons will plugin to wrong inventory. (SVD, Holly gun, MM2...)

	-Some female enemy animate motion will be not working as well as male. Such as motion of falling down on balcony.

	-When the NPC is holding a M1014, but u will see NPC using M590. Anyway, u will pickup M1014 as well. 
	 (all new weapons got this same case.)

	-The Socom Tactical Light unable to work :-(

	-Some male NPC may have female voice :-(


To all the valued Creators, that i used your impressive developments (skins,sounds,mods,etc) 
Hope you can allow me to use it just for this website.
Your design i will appreciate it. 

- Raven Team for SOF2:Double Helix Game
- For the great work they do for the community
- Thank to (Weapon Mod 5.0)
- Mr.Fragger (Great designer for the models, skins, etc)
- Mr.Goody (for giving advice me)


 WARNING - Must Read and Understand Before Use.

The author of this file accepts no responsibility for damage to data, or physical damage
to hardware, caused by the appropriate or inappropriate use of this file. It is deemed 
that users who run this file, automatically are considered as having read and understood 
this liability clause before using the said file.

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