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Must try this out! I had spent a lot of effort to make it as good as possible. The entire gun & some explosions's effect tried to make like...


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Must try this out! I had spent a lot of effort to make it as good as possible. The entire gun & some explosions's effect tried to make like contemporary game. In addition, I upgrade the RMG mod to enhance the fun! Free to leave any suggestion :p

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-All 42 weapons able to show in RMG outfit screen now!
-Improved weapons scope visual: g36,aug,m82a1
-Upgraded weapon's flash muzzle! (g36,galil,aug,m60,hkg3)
-Updated M82A1 sniper: 
	*No more explosion effect 
	*New scope
	*New flash muzzle
	*New sound
	*4 pellets
	*1 shot will dismember limb (just like the Rambo4 movie!)	

-Increased speed and damage of SVD sniper+ reduce vibration + new sound + flash muzzle.
-Updated gore explosion and limbs dismember sound! A bit creepy now...
-Added 3 different sound of concrete bullet impact n updated other impact effects too.
-Made better of the Phosphorous smoke effect!
-Added various explosion effects for each weapons!
-Arranged all the grenade launchers:
	*MM1=	Now is really a grenade launcher, was MM2.
	*MM2=	A timer boom grenade launcher, was MM3.
	*MM3=	pick up M15 as a Phosphorous grenade launcher, was MM1.

-Holly Pistol should have a better name, Plasma Pistol. Green effect now, ok?
-Add-on tacops RMG mod => Author: Ladislas Valek
	*assassination = 	item pickup 50%
	*demolition = 		item pickup 25%
	*destruction =	 	item pickup 75%
	*escape = 		item pickup 100%
	*infiltrate = 		item pickup 50%

-Replace special music for each RMG game.
	*Mountain (Hong-Kong)	Mou Kei - Aron Kok (chinese song)
	*Forest (Colombia)	Gotta get thru this - Daniel Bedingfield
	*Snow (Siberia)		Popcorn - Crazy Frog	
	*Desert (Iraq)		Original Prankster - OffSpring

-Adjusted again all NPC weapons.
	PLACES	WEAPONS()=female     []=sniper 	*=RMG				

	Prague 		-b92f,mk23/m16,uzi/mm2/m590 [svd]	-M67, ANM14,L2A2
	Colombia	-holly/551,m4/spas [mm3] mm2*		-L2A2,M84
	Finca		-550,hkg3,mp5sd/spas(socom,svd) 	-MDN11,SMOHG92
	Liner		-famas,m60,m590				-ANM14,F1
	Hong Kong	-m1014/552,ump45(talon,uzi) [rpg7*]	-M84, F1, L2A2
	Kamchatka	-oicw,Ak74,g36/mm1*, [m82a1]		-M67,MDN11,SMOHG92
	Indoor snow	-galil*/mm2,m1014			-MDN11,ANM14
	Prometheus	-m4a1,aug,mp5/hkg3/usas/mm3&1 [rpg72*]	-M84,M67,F1
	Shop		-OICW,M60(ump45)			-SMOHG92

	-NPC in Random Mission Generator:
		*Marine		=> M16A2, OICW (snow)
		*Shop_Guard	=> M590 (colombia), Uzi
		*Man in Black	=> SIG553 (HK)
		*Unique people:	Interrogator [MP5SD]
				Manuel_Vergara [M16A2]
				Alexi_Nachrade [FAMAS]
				Domingo_Sanche [SPAS12]

-If player start a escape mission in RMG is no new music.
-RMG ammo capacity adjusted.
-Increased damage of SPAS12 (+pellets)
-Chosen the best ammo models.
-Galil rifle now use 7.62mm ammo n M60 consume 7.62mm belt heavy ammo.
-More standard primary and alternative ammo (Plasma pistol, M203, ...etc)
-M60 emplaced sound changed to better one.
-RPD and emplaced M60 have changed to blue n red flash muzzle.
-Exchanged the effect of RPG7 and MM2.
-Increased MM2 damage
-Replace back the original small health model.
-Weapon selection HUD enlarged.
-Machete (knife) attack effect more like a sword now.
-Better angle view of AK74 and MP5 Silencer.  
-M590 skin default.
-Fixed other little bugs too...


- Multiplayer player skins.
*Mime : Fragger
*The Crow : Gamester
*Liquid man : -=]E.Z.C[=- Soldier
*Colombia_girls : Dr.Death and Waraji (Fortune Babes v2)
*Freddy : KoRvEn
*Jason : Lars ziegler
*Terminator : KoRvEn
*Zombies : Fragger
*PrisonBreak : Cyon
*Death : Fragger
*punk : Fragger
*serious sam : [RBC]Tricky]
*terroist : Jet
*santa : funbox
*Desert Storm : -=Zer0 c001=-
*ss_sniper : [RBC]Tricky]
*catwomen : Fragger
*FatDudes : Snipz_sow (Fat Mod)
*Hitman : {EA}GunSL!nGa
*H2O soldier : Lars ziegler
* trickys_rtcw_skins : [RBC]Tricky, Lars Ziegler
*Alfred_hitch***** : KoRvEn
*elite soldier : Oldmanfunk

- Multiplayer Weapon Models:
*Machete (knife) : FHL34 -
*M1014 : M_A_D_M_A_N (sFh-Mod)
*SPAS12 : Gibbs (ON Weapon pack)
*UMP45 : M_A_D_M_A_N (sFh-Mod)
*FAMAS : M_A_D_M_A_N (sFh-Mod)
*M16A2 : M_A_D_M_A_N (sFh-Mod)
*AK47 : Gibbs (ON Weapon pack)
*GALIL : M_A_D_M_A_N (sFh-Mod)
*G36 : Scipey (Vulpes Weapon Mod)
*HK-G3 : FHL34 -
*Stery-AUG : M_A_D_M_A_N (sFh-Mod)
*SVD : Scipey (Vulpes Weapon Mod)
*M82A1 : Gibbs (ON Weapon pack)

- Scoped Weapons:
*OICW(Far Cry Sniper Scope) :Viper1326
*AUG(Electro Sniper) :Viper1326
*MP5(Lunette War) :


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