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A massive update on Kins other single player mods. Kin has taken a lot of mp mods from other developers and brought them together for SP....


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A massive update on Kins other single player mods. Kin has taken a lot of mp mods from other developers and brought them together for SP. He has also included a lot of new stuff that he has made himself. The Readme has full credit for other developers work and asked that I place a big thank you to all of the developers.

*** This is for Single Player Only ***

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Download '' (65.46MB)

			S o l d i e r   o f   F o r t u n e   2  :  D o u b l e   H e l i x 

					     G o l d   E d i t i o n

			T H E    I D E A S    O F    M U L T I M E D I A    S T U D E N T 

					 Weapon Mod 5.0 + Kin Edition 2008

 Mod Title              : Kin Edition 2008
 Description     	: Addon pack for Weapon Mod 5.0
 Release Date         	: 1 Feb 2008
 Version		: v1.0
 File Size		: 65.4MB
 Filename               :
 Singleplayer(SP)	: Yes
 Multiplayer(MP)	: No
 Developer	        : Xlex-Kin (Malaysian)
 Email      		:   


	-Collection of Multiplayer game player skins! Talented Creditor will in the list below:
		*Mime		=> Author: Fragger 		
		*The Crow	=> Author: Gamester 		
		*Liquid man	=> Author: -=]E.Z.C[=- Soldier
		*Colombia_girls	=> Author: Dr.Death and Waraji 	(Fortune Babes v2)
		*Freddy		=> Author: KoRvEn 		
		*Jason		=> Author: Lars ziegler 	
		*Terminator 	=> Author: KoRvEn 	
		*Zombies 	=> Author: ? 			(not downloaded from filefront)
		*PrisonBreak	=> Author: Cyon 	
		*Death 		=> Author: Fragger 	
		*punk		=> Author: Fragger 	
		*serious sam	=> Author: [RBC]Tricky] 
		*terroist	=> Author: Jet 			(Goldrush)
		*santa		=> Author: funbox	
		*Desert Storm	=> Author: -=Zer0 c001=- 
		*ss_sniper 	=> Author: [RBC]Tricky] 
		*catwomen	=> Author: Fragger 	
		*FatDudes	=> Author: Snipz_sow		(Fat Mod)
	-Home made of few new enemies:
		*Finca teams 		(Hitman clothes)
		*Red soldier 		(White scary mask?)
		*H2O soldier 		(the head is michael myers)
		*Rocketman		(darth_maul face + officer skin + tank backpack + helmet)
		*Alfred_hitchcock 	(fat guy with modified skin, original Author :KoRvEn)
		*elite soldier		(face modified, original Author: Oldmanfunk)
		*Demon gunner		(red eye with black n white skin)

	-Unique Characters joined in game:
		*Civilian Rainsuit	(added SOF2 text on blue raincoat)	
		*pow			(victim that have 50% use gunny sack on the head,like dead people...)
		*Chemsuit_russian 	(Red Chemical suit in colombia as a soldier)
		*virus man n women 	(headshot cannot kill them)
		*Snow Soldiers 		(modified boltons, check the screenshot)
		*Fire_fighter 		(use osprey rocket launcher)
		*Deadmeat 		(replace of Prometheus Tech Soldier)

	-Extra NPC(Non-Player-Characters) voices:
		*rude lady		=> Prometheus Female, Colombian Rebel	(Kingpin)
		*rude terroist 		=> Prometheus Snow Soldiers, Rocketman	(Kingpin) 
		*counter strikes	=> All Prometheus Soldiers, 		(new + old version) 
		*serious_sam  		=> HK Prison Holster, Santa,HK leader	=> Author:[RBC]Tricky] 
		*terminator		=> Finca Assassin, Pro Snow Indoor 	=> Author:?(forgot) 
		*unreal2003		=> Shop Prometheus, Demon Gunner 	=> Author: LeTHaL BaNaNa
		*zombie			=> All Prometheus Sailor, liquidman	(Return to Castle Wolfenstein)

	-Collection of Multiplayer game New Weapons:
		*Machete (knife) => Author: FHL34		-
		*B92F		 => Author: JOSE LEBON 		(JEEL3.0)
		*M1014		 => Author: M_A_D_M_A_N 	(sFh-Mod)
		*SPAS12		 => Author: Gibbs 		(ON Weapon pack)
		*UMP45		 => Author: M_A_D_M_A_N		(sFh-Mod)
		*FAMAS		 => Author: M_A_D_M_A_N 	(sFh-Mod)
		*M16A2		 => Author: M_A_D_M_A_N 	(sFh-Mod)
		*AK47		 => Author: Gibbs 		(ON Weapon pack)
		*GALIL		 => Author: M_A_D_M_A_N 	(sFh-Mod)
		*G36		 => Author: Scipey 		(Vulpes Weapon Mod)
		*HK-G3		 => Author: FHL34		-
		*Stery-AUG	 => Author: M_A_D_M_A_N 	(sFh-Mod)
		*SVD		 => Author: Scipey 		(Vulpes Weapon Mod)
		*M82A1 		 => Author: Gibbs 		(ON Weapon pack)

	-My own modifcation of firearms:
		*Holly pistol 	= Similar with Predator plasma cannon!
		*MM1		= Gas Smoke Launcher!
		*MM2 		= Bowling Ball Cannon Launcher!
		*MM3		= Quake3 Grenade Launcher!
		*RPG7-2 	= Burst Rockets!
		*M84 		= added flash tone n pepsi skin!
		*F1 		= Electrochemical Grenade!
		*SMOHG92 	= Floating Grenade!	

	-Some guns added alternative function as:
		*Aim and zoom view.
		*One gun fire 2 type ammo.
		*Shoot grenades like M203.

	-Choosen the best effect of SOF2 n now they all together in this Mod!
		*PrefectFX2(Bloods)  => Author: K.Taro (
		*Explosion	*modified a bit in RPG7, but holly pistol is my own created:)
				*also use various explosion from original game in weapon effect:)
				*And many more!!
		*Metal Impact	(Sets 3 type of metal bullet hole n 3 type of sound:)

	-Modified weapons maximum ammo capacity 
		*5.56mm 	=> 900
		*9mm 		=> 800
		*7.62mm	 	=> 700
		*0.45ACP 	=> 600
		*.50cal 	=> 500
		*12gauge 	=> 400
		*Grenades 	=> 300
		*Rockets 	=> 200
		*40mm & 20mm 	=> 100
	-All NPC Made to fit in original SP maps!
		*Marine		=> M4A1,G36,oicw[snow]
		*Shop_Guard	=> M4,G36
		*RMG_NPC	=> Mm1014[interrogator],m1014[Manuel_Vergara],oicw[Alexi_Nachrade],m60[Domingo_Sanchez],m82a1[devian1]

	-Emplaced M60 n RPD are now able to zoom.
	-Minigun fire sound for osprey(helicopter)
	-Selected the best sound for all the firearm!
	-New sound for dog barking
	-More grenade impact sound
	-Added Flash grenade tone sound
	-Use a bit of RTCW impact sound
	-Weapon sounds from Global Operation
	-AVP2 shotgun sound to M590
	-Quake2 menu sound:)
	-New pickup sound
	-Replaced detail weapons icons from the author of Douglas Giovany.
	-Various weapon's scope.
	-Self create knife! throw out one but pickup two!
	-Colombia hostage change to PCF Williams skin.
	-Few NPC warrior have a very stronge vitality
	-Collection of few new crosshairs
	-New white cursor! created by me:)
	-New main menu texts:)
	-Use back the original large armor n medic kit model.
	-Changed some Primary Ammo
	-MDN11 grenade will replace ammo for M203(m4a1)
	-Red n blue color for some gun's flash muzzle
 	-Addition gun tracers.
	-More firearms features in the list below:


New Modification with all weapons in detail:	

 Weapon Name\		Primary Ammo\	Alternative fire\	Features\

-Machete (knife)	-		Fast throwing		-Longer range attack.
-Mk 23 SD (socom)	0.45acp		Melee attack		-New view + auto fire mode.
-Mk 23			0.45acp		Aim 			-single fire mode.
-M1911A1 (92F)		9mm		Aim 			-New fire mode! Fast n stable!
-M1911A1sd (holly)	.50cal		Melee attack		-shoot unknow explosive powder.		
-SILVER_TALON		.50cal		Melee attack		-single fire mode.
-Usas-12		12 gauge	.50cal			-Alternative fire differ ammo
-M590			12 gauge	Melee attack		-Use back original skin 
-Type 56 (xm1014)	12 gauge	.50cal			-Sound from Rainbow Six Raven Shield
-M1991A1 (spas)		12 gauge	.50cal			-Spread more pellets.

-Micro Uzi		9mm		0.45ACP			-New flash muzzle
-MP5A3			9mm		0.45ACP			-auto aim view angle
-AKMSD	(UMP45)		0.45acp		Gas Launcher		-Low vibration

-MP5 SD	(Famas)		5.56mm		40mm Launcher		-Low vibration
-M4 (XM177 E2)		5.56mm		Aim			-Use back original flash muzzle
-M4SD (M16A2)		5.56mm		RPG-7V HEAT		-M204 Napalm Grenade Launcher
-M4 + M203 		5.56mm		MDN11 Launcher		-Normal vibration
-AK74			7.62mm		RPG-7S AirBurst		-M205 Napalm Grenade Launcher
-AK47 	(galil)		5.56mm		Aim			-Blue flash muzzle
-SG-553			5.56mm		9mm			-auto aim view angle
-MSG90A1 (HK G3)	7.62mm		Aim			-High vibration
-M60			7.62mm		9mm			-50 clip size + inaccuracy.

-Micro Uzi SD (SVD)	7.62mm		6x Night Zoom		-10 clip size
-M3A1	(m82a2)		.50cal		6x Zoom			-explosive impaction 
-MP5			9mm		Red scope		-New zoom
-M5 	(G36)		5.56mm		Night Scope		-New zoom
-AKM	(Aug)		5.56mm		Red scope		-New zoom
-OICW			5.56mm		Nightscope + 20mm	-New zoom + auto mode fire 
-SG-551			5.56mm		Nightvision Scope	-Normal vibration
-SG-552			5.56mm		Red scope		-High vibration

-MM1			M15		40mmHE			-Altfire shoot explosive bowling ball
-M1991A1SD (MM2)	40mmHE		40mm			-Altfire shoot poison Fish
-M15	(MM3)		40mm		20mm			-Altfire shoot Bottle
-RPG7			AirBurst	Binocular Scope?	-Standard rocket launcher	
-RPG7-2			HEAT rockets	Binocular Scope?	-3 rockets in clip

		Damage		Radius
-M67		-250		-250		-New throwing sound
-M84		-80		-600		-Added flash tone
-F1		-150		-300		-Speedy throwing Electrochemical Grenade!
-ANM14		-120		-150		-Modified effect from PerfectFX 2.0
-MDN11		-300		-200		-Impaction grenade
-L2A2		-200		-250		-Floating grenade.		
-SMOHG92 	-250		-200		-The effect from PerfectFX 2.0	



	-Soldier of Fortune 2 Gold (at least v1.03 patch)
	-Weapon Mod 5.0


	-After installed "Weapon Mod 5.0", then paste the PK3 files in weapon mod folder,
	(example: C:\Program Files\Soldier of Fortune II - Double Helix\WeaponMod)

	-If the game work not well enough, u can rename the original WeaponMod.pk3 to "a_WeaponMod.pk3"

	-Cannot mix with other sort of any NPC Mod or Weapon Mod 


	-Go to RMG in outfit screen to choose your favourite weapon, but do not press "start".
	Open the console(shift + ~) to type map name that you wanted to play with.
	(eg: map shop6) Then the loaded map you will begin with your weapons selected.

 	-On the other hand, bring down the console in main menu, type in "RAVEN 1" the maps levels
	selection will available next click in single game menu screen.

	-Download Kin Maps version 1.1 to play for it, that is proposely made for this Mod:)
	if u dont have the new version, please rename the file to "a_kinmaps.pk3"

	-If user want to play new RMG game, add previous Kin Edition's z_RMG.pk3 to weapon mod folder.



	-Not all weapons able to show in outfit screen, i dont know how to repair it yet... 

	-During the outfit screen menu, sometime the new weapons will plugin to wrong inventory. (SVD, Holly pistol, MM2...)

	-When the NPC is holding a FAMAS, but u will see NPC using M3A1. Anyway, u will pickup FAMAS as well. 
	 (some new weapons only.)

	-The Socom Tactical Light unable to work :-(

	-In game console will show error that have missing weapon skins. Dont worry, it is intention to make the new weapons work.

	-Terminator will not talk much in battle...

	-This Mod will not run well in Multiplayers game yet...

	-If there you find more bugs please let me know. 

	-Sorry for bad broken english...



To all the valued Creators, that i used your impressive developments (skins,sounds,mods,etc) 
Hope you can allow me to use it just for this website.
Your design i will appreciate it. 

- Raven Team for SOF2:Double Helix Game
- For the great work they do for the community
- Thank to (Weapon Mod 5.0)
- Mr.Goody
- Steve 
- Gamester


 WARNING - Must Read and Understand Before Use.

The author of this file accepts no responsibility for damage to data, or physical damage
to hardware, caused by the appropriate or inappropriate use of this file. It is deemed 
that users who run this file, automatically are considered as having read and understood 
this liability clause before using the said file.


Enjoy! and remember to leave comment!

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