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Another nice looking loading screen by Fragger :D


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Another nice looking loading screen by Fragger :D

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Loading Screen Replacement System - Kirsten Dunst
By Fragger
This is not in pk3 format just to make it more accessible.
It replaces the loading screen with your own wallpapers (jpeg format, no compression)
Extract contents of the zip to the BASE/MP folder.
Open GFX/MENUS/BACKDROP/Kirsten Dunst and create a shortcut of the .bat file.
Place the shortcut on the desktop.
Click the shortcut and voila! You have a new loading screen.
I'll be releasing more screens and a tutorial on how to make your own. That's the only reason why you need to create the shortcut and the folders. If you had pk3s, you still need the folders and the shortcuts. And not everybody knows how to make a pk3.
Eventually, you can have a big collection of loading screens that you can replace by double-clicking a shortcut.
Neat, huh?
Let me know if you want a specific picture, so you can send it to me and I'll try to add it to the collection. No personal stuff, though. That's why I'll have a tutorial.
Have fun!

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