KP Estate **FINAL**

This is the final version of the CS Estate remake for SOF2 ;) I hope everyone likes it, cause the dev. fixed a lot. Read the readme for the...


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This is the final version of the CS Estate remake for SOF2 ;) I hope everyone likes it, cause the dev. fixed a lot. Read the readme for the full list :)

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KP_Estate (final)

LoL this time I have not whipped up the readme at 3 in the morning :D, I did last time and reading over what I said I was almost in tears at how many errors I had.(hides under another alias,, how embarrassing, ill triple check my spelling this time,, I need a copy of word :D.)

Anyway this is final version, I have extended the back and give a whole back area of the map, FIXED the SKY :D, everyone and there dog had the problem except me.
Also didn¡¦t expect 200+ people to d/l the map last time. Wd to sof2files for being popular,
Read fixes, spent about 4 hours making sure textures lined up. Remember this is my first map ever, so just check it out and give me feed back(after the testing maps, Ie build a ladder and so forth).
Unzip the find the find kp_estate.pk3 and place this file into your base folder.
Fixes since beta(or bug fixes):
-SKY FIX, if your video card doesn¡¦t reload a nothing area as I call it(almost all of them).
Added black area around the map so it will draw something if nothing is there
(I¡¦d add a sky but then I¡¦d have to apply fog, my fully black sky remains as was planed)
-music file location fix(I had it set to /base/ not /base/music/ (I had it extracted for reasons)
-a lot of texture alignments :D(last time I didn¡¦t do any, this time over 50, 1 to 2 still remain)
-brush alignment(also fixed problems I didn¡¦t attend to before, about 30 to 40)
Known Bugs:
-there is a seam of roof still on the roof to the left from the thugs start point that I can¡¦t remove because it can¡¦t be selected in radiant(or SDK, which ever you prefer) ƒ¼ :@
-due to constant crashing of my system when I try to move vertices of roof I give up trying to align them perfect, it isn¡¦t hard I just cant do it ƒ¼, if u don¡¦t look for them you wont notice it when gunning down people.
Gametypes and Max Players:
-inf (main function of the map)
-elim -dm -tdm
-this map is for players: 8v8, can support 16v16, but map probably wont be suited for 16 and I don¡¦t recommend it, but I placed in 16 start positions per team, so you can if u want.
MSN: <>
e-mail: <>
Sorry about last version, it was my first and I was just testing the upload system at and testing other things though out the map, I believe the bugs are fairly sorted out and the game play is rather fun, and hey testing it with my clan and I got owned on my own map :P, so it isn¡¦t fixed :D.( btw because of my last test upload I found out about a few bugs, mainly the sky that 90 ppl give me feed back about :D and a few others which I over looked ). Anyway have fun.

Regards Kardin

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