M3A1 Skin

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Here its the turn of the M3A1 to get a re-skin, this addition has been made by {SoiledPants}*Funbox*, go give it a test run see what you think of it :)



File date 7/3/03

Author: Matthew
Email: [email protected]
Clan: SoiledPants (I started my own as a joke).
SOFII Name: {SoiledPants}*Funbox*

File: M3A1 Skin

This is a skin for the "Grease Gun" that I made because I think
the gun is freakin' ugly and the skins of SOFIIFiles were kinda
depressing too. This is my first attempt at skinning
anything, so I would like to hear (constructive) comments and
suggestions related to it. It was done entirely using Jasc
Paint Shop Pro 7, and took about 5 minutes. 

Special thanks to SOFIIFiles.com for keeping the scene how it is,
and to skateboarding, which saved my life. 

Happy fragging.

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