Go give this new Madbot a try out, read the readme for full instructions ;)



.~ [ MadBot by 9A.fearNOP ] ~.
 ...    redir.to/brain    ...


 [ Badword ]       Pattern matching for words which are loaded from a simple textfile 
                   and warn users about their mistake and kick em' after a specified value

 [ Reconnect ]     Prevent lil chumps from using the damn '/rconnect' command in that way
                   that this guy who executes it, will be autokicked/banned for a while

 [ Name-connect ]  Checks if a user who connects to the server, is already present 
                   with that name, if yes: kick

 [ Name-Game ]     Check if a name is already present after a rename, if yes: kick

 [ MyCMD ]         This bot supports several commands, which are executed in 
                   that way: "!time"; see below 

 [ MyCMD-FP ]      MyCMD floodprotection prevents users from flooding the MyCMD feature

 [ AntiCheat ]     This Feature prevents users from using wallhacks in a simple way

 [ Roulette ]      Play russian roulette while playing your favorite game or idleing :)

 [ KL-rename ]     KickList-rename prevents l33t h4x0r5 from rejoining and 
                   renaming to a nick which is on the kicklist

 [ TeamKill ]      TeamKill handles teamkill and kickbans the client after a specified value

:::MyCMD Command-reference: 

 [ help ] -> General help
 [ bot ][arg] 
     -- [ version ]   -> version infos
    |   [ uptime ]    -> uptime of the bot
    |   [ help ]      -> bot help
    |   [ kickstat ]  -> statistics about kicked clients
    |   [ db ]        -> statistics about the internal database
 [ time ] -> returns the current time (24h)
 [ roulette ][arg] -> without an argument, you'll hit a chamber
     -- [ stats ] -> lil statistic about played games and fired shots
 [ joined ][arg] -> called with a ID and returns the time the ID joined this server
 [ my ][arg]
     -- [ stats ] -> returns a kill/weapon statistic for the user who typed that cmd
     -- [ warns ] -> counter-statistic about occured warnings

:::other Infos:

 "!bot db" infos:
  ACL = ALL current players in server
  RCL = RED players
  BCL = BLUE players
  SCL = spectators
  KLI = amount of users who are on the kicklist at time
  BAW = BadWords in our Database

 "!bot kickstat" infos:
  ALL = players kicked for any reason while server runs
  BAW = kicked players who spelled something wrong for N times :P
  URL = kicked players for spamming URLS (not implem. at time)
  NIG = kicked players for renaming to a name already present
  NOC = kicked players for connecting with a name already in this server
  OCK = amount of dudes who were on a kicklist
  NAD = l33t h4x0r5 who tried to be cool :P
  ROU = amount of chumps who clicked the wrong chamber

::: Installation instructions:

 1. unpack and move the unpacked folder called "MadBot" to a place u prefer
 2. edit the configfile named "MadBot.ini":
    * fill in the IP address of your server into the value of "host" 
    * change to the PORT the server runs on "port"
    * write down the RCON password to "password"
    * point to the "qconsole.log" via "qlogfile"
 3. make sure that the server was started via:
    * g_logSync=1
    * logfile=3 (or equivalent)
 4. Enjoy

!!! Note that this bot is currently limited to 32 players !!!
!!! The bot is under HIGHLY development so check the      !!!
!!! Homepage repeatedly to always have the latest one     !!!

Comments, Suggestions, and creativ! wishes to jne_nop[:at:]web.de


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