Making Bot Routes With Goldrush

This is a guide to make your own Bot Routes using Goldrush 2.0 or above. There are 2 version in the zip file 1 is a plain text document and...


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This is a guide to make your own Bot Routes using Goldrush 2.0 or above. There are 2 version in the zip file 1 is a plain text document and the other is a html document. Both are exactly the same just 1 looks nicer.

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           A Beginners Guide To Making Goldrush Botroutes.

Before you start and to avoid any mishaps it is highly recommended that you make a copy of your current sof2mp.cfg. these can be located in your goldrush folder and in your base/mp folder. If you do not do this adding the binds that are nessacery to make waypoints, may take your sofmp.cfg over its allowed limit. If that happens sof2 will reset them to there default settings. Remember you have been warned.

This is a simple step by step guide to getting you started on creating your own routes for you maps. 

Open your goldrush folder and create a new text document.
In this document we will add some binds that will make creating wp (way points) very easy.
In your new text document you need to add the following…

bind INS "bot_wp_add"
bind DEL "bot_wp_save"
bind HOME "bot_wp_addflagged j"
bind END "bot_wp_addflagged z"
bind F2 "bot_wp_addflagged u"
bind f6 screenshot

you can copy and paste the above into your text doc. Now save it and name it   wpbinds.cfg   windows will ask you if you are sure you want to do this just click yes. 
Now you have the tools to start making wp’s
The binds are simple.
bind INS "bot_wp_add"  this makes the insert key add a waypoint. 
bind DEL "bot_wp_save" this makes the delete key save your completed way points.
bind HOME "bot_wp_addflagged j" this makes the home key add a wp that tells the bot to jump at this point.
bind END "bot_wp_addflagged z" this makes the end key add a wp that tells the bot to camp (crouching) at this point.
bind F2 "bot_wp_addflagged u" this make the f2 key add a wp that tells the bot to use a item at this point. This is used for sabo and dem for the bombs. But be aware for this to work properly you have to make sure that you always use this wp in exactly the same place. So it is best to use it in the very centre of the red x. other wise the bots wont be able to defuse the bombs.

There are many more wp to add to your binds. To see what they are and what they do please refer to the main goldrush docs in your goldrush folder.
So you have your wpbinds.cfg ready to go and your ready to make your first bot routes. So lets start.
Start goldrush (preferred method is using the start.bat) and pull down your console by pressing the ` key.
In there type-      
exec wpbinds.cfg
this has just written all the binds we discussed earlier to your sofmp.cfg
next in the same console type-
devmap mp_example_map_name
the name of the map is up to you. As only you know wich map you are making routes for.
That will load the map with cheats enabled.
When it loads pull down your console again and type this-
Bot_ignoreroutes 1
This tells the bots not to look for routes. And only need be used if the map already has wp’s installed.
Now type this-
Bot_wp_edit 1
This now tells goldrush that you are going to edit the way points for the bots.
And finally the devmap command again. This will reload the map with all of the changes you have just made.
Now you are about to make your first bot route
By pressing the insert key from the binds that you did earlier you will add a wp. Try moving forward a bit and then press insert and move again and so on and so on. You will see a big red line behind you that is the route the bots will take.
Looks easy yes? Well now the rest is up to you. Although a few tips would be. 
Pick your camping spots with caution (not in a door or tight alley) this can block the other bots in team games.
Make your turns wide, although the bots will turn very fast indeed.
Don’t go to close to objects such as crates. As a grenade could bounce them behind it and they will get stuck.
Make sure you cover EVERY spawn point. If you don’t the bots will just crouch down and go no where.

When you are happy with your routes save them. (the delete key from your binds)
And watch your bots. 
Congratulations you have just created your first routes.

Go and have a look in your goldrush. There will be a new folder called botroutes and in there there will be a new file.
It will be called something like
The dm stands for death match. If you had pickups enabled it would say
You need to create routes for all game types with and without pickups. Or just stick to what you play.
The best tip given to me was that certain routes also work for other game types. For example a dm route also works for tdm and lastman.
All you need to do is copy the dm route then rename it to 

There is more information about what route work for which gametype on the goldrush forums.
see you there
This is the way I did it after a lot of help from GODh for that I thank you for your time and your patience.

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