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This is the latest version of the Man Down mod which a lot of you know. This mod adds many featrues that should have been part of the origin...


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This is the latest version of the Man Down mod which a lot of you know. This mod adds many featrues that should have been part of the original SoF2 MP. Best of all, it is now compatible with the 1.02 patch :D Below are all the new updates to the mod :-

- Fully 1.02 compatible. - League game support - Capture and Hold gametype. - Classic Capture the Flag gametype. - ktmwtb & tktmwtb gametypes by ReverendTed. - Last Man Standing gametype - Full female team member support and updated female radio sounds. - New LAPD Team provided by FRAGGER. - Alternate version of lean fix. - Improved gametype support. - Ability to edit existing maps in-game, with out the need to recompile .bsp - Team Info client option. - Multiple HUD support. - Ability to define default items/item choices, globally or on a per team basis. - Four chasecam modes. - Profanity check - Name checker - Spectator password - Numerous bug fixes and misc improvements, including 1.02 problems. - Much, much more...

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Man Down - 15/10/2002

Man Down is a mod (modification) for Raven Software's game,
"Soldier of Fortune II : Double Helix".

It is an attempt to make SoF2's multi-player aspect *even* better
then it already is, with out totally changing everything about the game.

If you wish to help out with Man Down, please contact
about anything you wish to contribute and/or help out with.

Source code is available at the Man Down website.

Quick Setup
1. Make sure you have upgraded SoF2 to version 1.01.

2. Download from the Man Down website.

3. If you have a previous version of Man Down, it is highly
   recommended that you DELETE it before installing a new version.
4. Using your favorite unzip program (WinZip, WinRar, WinACE), 
   unzip the directly to your 
   "<path>\Soldier of Fortune II - Double Helix" directory 
   (where <path> is usually "C:\Program Files") making sure 

5. Load up "Solider of Fortune II - Double Helix - Multiplayer".

6. Click on the mods option (The crossed "Hammer & Spanner" icon).

7. Select "Man Down" and click on the "Arrow" in the top right of 
   the screen ("Play Mod").

An alternative method to steps 5-7 is to double-click on the file
"<path>\Soldier of Fortune II - Double Helix\mandown\mandown.bat".
This will load up Man Down directly.

Another method is to create a shortcut similar to the following :
"<path>\Soldier of Fortune II - Double Helix\SoF2MP.exe" +set fs_game mandown

For information on new client commands / cvars, see client-readme.txt

Quick Server
1. Make sure you have upgraded SoF2 to version 1.01.

2. Download from the Man Down website.

3. If you have a previous version of Man Down, it is highly
   recommended that you DELETE it before installing a new version.
4. Using your favorite unzip program (WinZip, WinRar, WinACE), 
   unzip the directly to your 
   "<path>\Soldier of Fortune II - Double Helix" directory 
   (where <path> is usually "C:\Program Files") making sure 

5. Edit server.cfg in your mandown directory

6. Start the server with dedmd.bat

1. Make sure you have upgraded SoF2 to version 1.01.

2. Download from the Man Down website.

3. If you have a previous version of Man Down, it is highly
   recommended that you DELETE it before installing a new version.
4. Unzip the directly to your SoF2 directory.

5. Edit server.cfg in your mandown directory

6. Start the server with ./dedmd

For information on new server commands / cvars, see server-readme.txt
Its also a good idea to read the latest 'changes' section of this readme.txt.
The 'server-readme.txt' also has a pretty good "Examples" section.
	ie. Setting up pistol / sniper only games
	    Running RMG no fog / RMG half-fog maps

There are two ways you can go prone -
1. Bind a key to +button14 (manually or through menu)
2. Set cg_momentaryMovedown to 0 (manually or through menu) and duck twice.

While prone :
* you CAN shoot most weapons
* you CAN reload most weapons
* you CAN NOT change weapons
* you CAN NOT throw grenades or use the knife
* your vision IS limited up and down
* you CAN NOT turn fast - upping your sensitivity WILL NOT change this
* you CAN roll left or right by using lean left or lean right
* you CAN strafe slowly using strafe left or strafe right
* you CAN crawl
* you are NOT affected by knockback from getting shot, blown up etc

Over all, prone works *pretty* well.
The only big thing to fix now is to stop peoples legs going through
walls all the time and to make you move less like a tank while etc.

Bot support
All I did was enable the included code, then make it so they could 
reload, go after game items etc. They don't work well, but they're 
fine for testing, which is why I enabled them in the first place.

They require .wnt files for each map you wish to play on, like 
Jedi Knight II. As such, I've included the file "Bot waypoint tutorial.doc"
from the JKII SDK, which describes how to make a .wnt file. In addition to 
the commands it talks about, you can also use Attack/Alt-Attack to add/remove 
way points. Additionally, it'll create sniper/camp points when using a sniper
rifle and it also notes whether you are ducking, jumping or on a mover.

To actually get a bot in game, you can use the command '/addbot <botname>' 
from the console or press escape and click on the "Addbot" option from 
in-game menu (NOTE : only the local host has access to Addbot menu).

Changes - 15/10/2002
* added clientoption - cg_drawTeamOverlay [0/1]
 	- display team mate health, armor + location info on HUD
* added clientoption - cg_friendlyInfoOverHead [0/1]
 	- display team mate health + armor over their head
* added clientoption - cg_friendlyWeaponOverHead [0/1]
 	- display team mate weapon name over their head
* added server option - g_voteStartDelay [0/1+]
	Do not allow people to cast any votes for this many minutes after map change
* periphery radar added
	- as suggested by ReverendTed, if a gametype item is out of range, it
	will still be drawn on the edge of the radar as a directional indicator
	- in addition to gametype items, any player on your team who is carrying
	a gametype item will also show up as a directional indicator if out of range
* fixed zoom out sound when weapon changes from weapon with zoom function (Sig551/MSG90A1)
	- original fix just checked for changing weapons. 
	New one catches dropped weapons, outfitting changes etc
* added slightly modified version of ktmwtb files to mandown
* changed .arena, .ent & .ant file support
	- .arena extensions are matched up to corresponding .ent/.ant extensions
	ie.	Map: mp_col1, gametype: tktmwtb 
		mp_col1.arena does not contain tktmwtb 
		Load all mp_col1_*.arena files, check for tkwtmtb 
		tktmwtb present in mp_col1_smitty.arena, load mp_col1_smitty.ant
		Another great ideas suggested by ReverendTed!
* added slightly modified version of ktmwtb files to mandown
* added Fragger's female rebel & snow skin, as well as whole LAPD team
* improved entity dumping
	- no longer dumps info on entities with no spawn function
	This means dumped files are *way* smaller and easier to navigate.
	- added 'saveents' command to save current in-game ents
	(either to <mapname>_<gametype>.ent or <mapname><specified>.ent).
	- added 'addent' command to add in entity at current crosshair pos
	- added 'rement' to remove ent at current crosshair pos
	- added 'remallents' to remove ents with specificied classname or classname 
		equal to ent at current crosshair pos
	- hitting 'FireMode' while using "g_mapScripting 1" brings up EntEdit menu
* added gametype option - pickups "limited"
	- Pickups remain in-game, but you are limited to what you can carry
* added server option - g_pickupsLimited [0/1+] (default 1)
	- Pickups remain in-game, but you are limited to what you can carry

Changes - 02/10/2002
* added original pre-1.02 ManDown leaning fix back in
	- 1.02 leaning fix is only used if g_sof2defaults is set to "2" or higher
	The default SoF2 1.02 fix increased the area of leaning check from 12 x 12 x 16,
	 to 12 x 12 x 40. The pre-1.02 ManDown fix leaves the area alone, but adjusts the 
	 start pos if you're ducking. This means that leaning through cubicles in mp_raven
	 is fixed, but you can still lean out all windows in mp_shop etc.
* removed 1.02 version of living / total counters 
	- replaced it with client side ManDown version - same effect, no server code
* added fast weapon ready animation for Sig551
	- resets once you use g_sof2defaults, like m4 animations etc
* fixed bug - following player with viewcams that uses a scope
* improved new outfitting code
	- get the extra non-grenade outfitting slot grenades when you pick up a backpack
	- choosing same grenade type more then once is cumulative 
		ie. m15 twice = 4 m15 grenades (instead of just 2)
	- if you switch grenade types mid-game and than pickup a backpack, all grenades
	  of old type are replaced with grenades of the new type
* New Gametype : "Capture and Hold" (cnh)
	- Needs custom maps or maps that use .ent/.ant files
	Rigged up .ent/.ant files for mp_air1, mp_col2, mp_pra2 & mp_kam2
* fixed bug in CG_Item() that would only add first two gt items to radar list
	- third point in CNH wasn't showing up
* added clientoption - cg_hudHelpAlpha [0.1-1.0]
 	- control aplha value of on screen hud icons/messages
 	Damn capture point icons kept getting in way of players :)
* improved gametype item code
	- supports switching item models/icons to specific team color
	on the fly. Using this allows hold points in CNH gametype to change
	to the color of the team that currently holds them.
* improved female radio messages and fixed up missing male radio messages
	- female radio messages arn't REALLY complete, but still work well enough
* rigged up female team member skins for all teams

Changes - 26/09/2002
* code switched over to 1.02 base
* updated misc UI files to 1.02 features
* fixed bug for half-time finish + new G_ResetGametype() function
* fixed zoom out sound when switching from Sig 551
* switched team living / total counters over to 1.02 version - may switch back
	 - original ManDown worked fine and by the looks of it, is cheaper
	 (calc'd client side, no new server code)
* added support for .arena to define a single gametype
	- use in conjunction with .ent files to enable new gametype support on existing maps
* finally added ability to define default equipment / equipment choices in worldspawn
	- using g_sof2defaults or defining equipment vars overrides map settings
* added ability for spawn points to fire targets (ala Q3:A)
* fixed items with negative wait / targetnames 
	- will now be reset correctly when round resets.

Changes - 23/09/2002
* fixed Radio Menu Key + Mouse option - no longer does radio message twice
* fixed timeout + round end
* fixed invite + space in name
* added client option - cg_shotgunCrosshair [0/1]
	- increase crosshair size to represent bigger spread when using shotguns
* fixed stat info update + space in name
* removed all code relating to setting default .cfg automatically - DIE DIE DIE!!!
	- configs should no longer reset and/or be messed with mid-game etc.

Changes - 17/09/2002
* fixed bug in warmup causing crash when escaping with briefcase
* added temporary sounds for half-time, round count down etc
* team kill spawn check can now ban as well as kick
* change - removed g_doWarmup cvar - use g_warmup 0 to disable warmup period
* change - ready up mode is automatically when using g_leagueoptions 
* change - only spectators are forced to black screen if spec pass is set (not ghosts)
* fixed bug - invited spectators stay invited on map restart / end of ready up
* change - spectators are no longer affected by round delay at start of round
* fixed bug - spectators can no longer see who is carrying gametype item in team games
* added - message / sound telling you if your the last of your team alive
* added server option - g_randomiseteams [0/1]
	Randomises teams on level load / map restart
* change - end level stats display numerical info and all info stays on screen longer
* added client option - cg_shadows 4 - draws shadows where a players feet are (ala RtCW)
* fixed issue - bots are DISABLED internally if running internet server (dedictated 2)
* fixed bug - ignoring or updating stats on player with space in their name (ie. "cool dude")
* change - half-time enabled for non-league games
* fixed bug - clients can now connect during timeouts and demos no longer explode in size
* change - cannot cancel timeout that is nearly over (< 10 secs) and cancelling timeout
	is no longer instant, but takes 10 seconds

Changes - 09/09/2002
* added support for spectator viewcams - mainly client side & fun to watch
	- Not 100% bug free yet (visibility issues), but works 'well enough' for now
* spectators can now see warmup info/time and round time
* added invited spectator-clients option - cg_invspec_showHidden [0/1]
	- display position and info of people you wouldn't normally see
* added server option - g_maxDroppedItems [1+] - defaults to 48
	- keeps the amount of dropped non-gametype items constant
* fixed both teams reaching score limit bug - now classed as a 'tie game'
* fixed both teams eliminated at same time issue
	- the red team will no longer loose in such instances
	Put in a 'who-the-fuck-died-first-anyway?' hack.
	Basically, the team that belongs to a player that DIDN'T CAUSE
	the fatal damage is the team that is eliminated FIRST
* redid the stats to include accuracy information etc on a per-weapon basis
* added damage dealt/taken to stats, to calc damage effeciency
* finished off the basic stats menu - use ui_stats to display
* added end-of-level stats - displays who got the best kill ratio,
	best damage ratio, best accuracy and the most headshots
* added server option - g_logStats [0/1]
	- will log current stat info after client ping / score at end of level
* fixed g_swapObjScore bug - will no longer try to swap while running a gametype
	that doesn't support swapping objectives (ie. tdm, elim, elim2)
* added option to choose hud Help when even objectives screen appears
* cleaned up the radio menu, moved it slightly and made it semi-transparent
* added client option - ui_radioMenu_useMouse [0/1]
	- allows you to use the mouse (in addition to the no# keys) to 
	  select Radio Menu messages
* fixed +grenade command - easier to use and should never jam up
* fixed weaptoggle grenade issue - will now try to select the grenade you chose
	in outfitting instead of just using the last grenade it can find
* fixed statinfo.weapon_kills bug
* in-progress download info now easier to read

Changes - 06/09/2002
* added server option - g_resetCheatCvars [0/1]
	- toggle whether or not cheaty cvars are reset if found
	(NOTE : for testing out maps, scripts etc, you should disable this)
* fixed spelling mistake with g_profanityCheck check - was g_profan't'ityCheck
* added correct number of knives to built-in default items list
	- was 1 + 4 extra. Should have been 1 + 5 extra
* fixed big radar icons
* in league games, spectators / ghosts can no longer see ident info unless invited
* red/blue invites cancelled if you join the game properly (ie. on red/blue team)
* REALLY fixed weaptoggle knife + on red team bug - finally, yay!!
* cg_minfps now defaults to ZERO
	- ppl thought something was wrong when tracers / muzzle flash etc didn't show up. 
	  They didn't realise minFPS was kicking in, so it now defaults off
* improved stat support - new stat menu with client list on one side, stat info on other
* removed server command - switchteams
* changed server command - swapobjectives - only works with cheats enabled
* added server option - g_swapObjScore [0/1+]
	- Auto-matically swaps teams objectives, spawn points and skins when a team
	  reaches this score.
* fixed g_teamkillSpawnCheck server option
* ghosts + spectators have full speak during warmup
* ghosts + spectators are now blinded by flash-bang
* cheaters name added to log
* added ignore list
* empty teams are now automatically unlocked
* if ready-up is enabled, an empty team will activate it
* added extra player info for spectators invited by both teams
	- control what is displayed using cg_invspec_### cvars
* added HUD help - on screen display of capture points, game items etc
 	- control using cg_hudHelp [0/1/2] + cg_hudHelpScale <0.1-1.0>
* added item 'ping' for carried game items 
	- updates once a second so that out of visual range players carrying
	  a game item will still show up on screen for team mates / invited specs

Changes - 03/09/2002
* improved timeout option
	- can now be cancelled by team that started it
	- cannot call another timeout within a minute of last timeout
* added 'lockteam' support
	- once 'lockteam' has been declare by team member, no one
	may join that team until someone on the team unlocks it again with 'lockteam'
* added 'invite' support
	- everyone is forced to blackscreen/face floor etc until a team member
	invites them to spectate their team
	- if *ONE* team invites someone, they are forced to follow in First Person *ONLY*
	- if *BOTH* teams invite someone, they are free to spectate how they wish
	- remembers settings over map changes / restarts etc
* rigged scoreboard + HUD to display ready / team ready status better
* fixed flash-bangs to let you hear initial explosion before you go deaf
* added server option - g_teamkillSpawnCheck [0+]
	- if someone cause team damage within g_teamkillSpawnCheck of team-spawn,
	they are auto-kicked - should help prevent pay-back kills etc
* added client option - cg_radar_### variables
	- used to position radar, similar to cg_automap_### variables
* fixed red/team score + living/dead counters
	- get auto-positioned under radar/automap if they're going to overlap
* fixed movement option replication problems (*I HOPE*)
	- should get messages about g_sof2defaults + g_allowProne being on/off etc
* added league options to player menu
	- extra league options only appear in g_leagueoptions enabled
* cheaters are now logged to separate 'cheaters.log' file

Changes - 02/09/2002
* fixed bots and item choice setting of 'none' - devide by 0 error, my bad
* fixed weaptoggle + knife - knife group was empty - fixed it
* fixed weaptoggle + pickup games
* added ability to select 'nothing' from outfitting again
* changed outfitting info string *slightly* to hopefully fix Linux issues
	- was (stupidly) using '/' instead of '\' for an info string
* changed "specpass" & "namepass" cvars 
	- should remember settings properly & not have to be set in console
* cheaters are now logged if 'g_antiCheat 0'
* added basic in-game stats - currently only tracks accuracy
* Client command - +stats
	Display in-game stats on screen - sorted by player score, not stats
* Added server option - g_sof2defaults [0/1]
	Sets 90% of all code back to default SoF2 style.
	Only flash bang (deafness), player angles (bend at torso, not hip)
	and toggle duck (can be done with script anyway) remain changed.
* Added client option - cg_autoCrouchJump [0/1]
	0 = regular SoF2 style crouch jump (manually hit 'crouch')
	1 = Man Down style crouch jump (auto-crouch jumps)
* changed server option g_warmup [-1/0/1+]
	1+ = warmup period before game begin
	0 = game will not begin until all players declare ready using '/ready' command
	    or team member issues '/teamready' command to ready entire team.
	-1 = same as 0, except overrides default 20 second delay
	    ie. -10 = 10 seconds before game will begin after everyone declares ready
* Added server option - g_timeouts [0/1+]
	Number of times a team can pause the game using the '/timeout' command
* Added server option - g_timeoutTime [0+]
	Amount of time a timeout lasts once declared
* added server command - switchteams
	Switches everyone on blue team to the red team and visa-versa.
	Also updates their team identities/skins etc
* added server command - swapobjectives
	Similar to 'switchteams', except only the teams objectives and
	team spawn points are swapped - the actual teams do not change
	(so everyone keeps the same identity/skin).
	Currently only Inf, Dem & CTF gametypes support this command.

Changes - 27/08/2002
* fixed blocked door/rotator issues
	func_door_rotating's still have problems, but its "good enough" for now
* fixed momentary prone (no more jittering between prone and not prone)
* fixed prone bodies floating in air
* fixed prone bodies not being shot properly
* fixed ladder issues (referring to ladder index -1 when not a 'trigger_ladder')
* fixed misc. prone view issues
* increased view bob/sway while prone
* fixed crouching on ladder issues
* added support for checking name/tag vs password/ip
* removed prone leg check - caused too many issues, needs to be redone
* Server option - g_spectatorPass ["none", <password>]
	- Use to stop people going into spectator mode unless 
	  they're 'specpass' matches 'g_spectatorPass'.
	  Still lets people become ghosts, so if you want people to be totally
	  locked out, use 'g_forceFollow 3'
* Added server option - g_forceFollow 3 
	- Forced to look at nothing but the scoreboard
* fixed weaptoggle command - now selects primary/secondary items correctly etc
* fixed majority of view 'jolts' while jumping, going prone etc
* added friendly fire status & timelimit to scoreboard
* Client command - +grenade
	- selects a grenade, pulls the pin and waits to throw. Releasing key throws it.
	Tries to select choses outfitting grenade first, then tries for any others.
* fixed memory issues - Man Down no longer requires more memory the SoF2.
* fixed low com_hunkMegs check, updated chunk menu
	- Will *recommend* upping your com_hunkMegs, but only once.

Changes - 20/08/2002
* Fixed up client side gore - less performance hit
* Changed SoFII 1.1 MP5 to the MP5 SD
* Added regular (non-silenced) MP5
	- based off the MP5 SD that was added in SoFII 1.1
* Added 'tkforgive' command so players can forgive accidental team kills
* Changed server option - g_friendlyFire [0-4]
	- Use 2, 3 or 4 for 1/2, 1/3 or 1/4 teamdamage
* Client option to display a team mates chat messages over their head
* Fixed g_weaponRespawn set to 0 bug (infinite weapon pickup)
* Added first person follow mode
* Added ability to run RMG maps no fog
* Removed need to set 'g_availableWeapons' - now uses 'disable_<item name> [0/1/2]'
  	This allows you to disalbe *ANY* item 
  	(The RPG-7 and MM1 default to disabled).
  	For a full list of item names, see itemnames.txt.
* Friendly Fire status is now displayed on screen on initial spawn & map connection
* Killing team mates during warmup period no longer counts as team damage
* Flash bang grenades cause deafness
* cg_zoomWith client option removed - SoF2 1.1 cg_zoomWeapon option used instead
* Server option - g_antiLag [0/1] 

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