Here is the final version of mp_market, a nice map made by Cisco256.

The map at first seems to be huge, but if you learn its layout you r...


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Here is the final version of mp_market, a nice map made by Cisco256.

The map at first seems to be huge, but if you learn its layout you realize that it is well suited for 10-20 players for ctf or even lower numbers of players for inf. Despite its big dimensions, combat is concentrated on points of interest and choke zones. The shortest way between the flag and the cage in the sewers, where it has to be brought to, is shorter then it seems. The map simply offers more freedom aside from the main routes and features a number of tactical relevant points that can be used for great advantage by a smart acting team. The number of possible tactics in CTF is quite high and well thought through. Since the beta version mainly the perfomance on low end machines has been improved by 10-300% depending on area.

Important note: Please set com_hunkmegs to 128 mb (minimum), see readme.txt for instructions.

Have fun with this nice map :beer:

Note: The included botroutes dont work (named incorrectly). If you wanna play this map with bots you need to download the correct botroutes!

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Download '' (6.8MB)

||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Market Nights |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Version 1.0  |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||For Soldier of Fortune 2|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Double Helix ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
||||||||||||||||||||||||||Part of the upcoming Agent Rez Mod|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Author:				cisco256
Uncompressed bsp size:		~36mb
New/changed textures:		~0mb
Max Players:			64
(maximize window size, for your reading comfort)


	Extract the .pk3 file to your sof2\base folder.
	set com_hunkmegs to 128 mb, see below for instructions.


Min Requirement:

	a good geforce 3 and adequate cpu



	-dm, tdm, ctf, inf, elim (see notes)
	-all Goldrush gametypes (including basic bot support for dm/tdm).
	(sabo gold cctf cah tcah ctb tctb lastman occtf wave and more)


	To set com_hunkmegs you have a couple choices
		-find your sofmp.cfg in /base folder and find com_hunkmegs in it, change
		the value to 128.
		-for mods like osp etc, go to the mod's folder and do the same change to
		the sof2mp.cfg there.
		-if you start sof2 via a desktop shortcut u can simply add
		+set com_hunkmegs 128
		to its properties. 
		(eg:"G:\Soldier of Fortune\SoF2MP.exe" +set com_hunkmegs 128)

		-if you do the change via console, don't use "quit" to restart sof2, 
		or the new setting won't be remembered by he game.

		-the com_hunkmegs setting is necessary to designate more memory to sof2,
		as the uncompressed map file is huge compared to other maps.



	This is the 1.0 version of mp_market, Market Nights, which will be part of the
	upcoming Agent Rez mod for Soldier of Fortune 2. It's size is considerably 
	bigger then the average sof2 map, its layout compensates this though. Compared to
	the beta 1 version, mainly the performance of crucial areas has been further 
	improved and the overall brightness has been slightly increased because reports 
	indicated that some ATI cards are considerably darker (which doesn't make them less 
	attractive though). The town area has over 10% higher performance now and the 
	ctf spawns over 100% higher performance plus some more areas have been optimized. 
	(on xp2000 with gef3ti500)
	This is my first "real" map and besides the learning effect for myself, it's goal
	is to combine the typical gameplay of combat concentrating on certain points of 
	interest with a greater tactical diversity. The big outdoor area and the huge map 
	dimensions are supposed to achieve a feeling of freedom. I tried to keep the time of 
	goal oriented movement short though. And of course i wanted to create a nice 
	atmosphere with still reasonable hardware requirements. I know some parts could 
	receive some more detail and some fixes, but the uncompressed map file is already 
	huge as it is and as the time invested into this map also exceeds the average 
	custom maps by far, i decided to stop working on it (unless i make a conversion 
	of it for another game maybe). I'm also aware of some of the patchwork having 
	sparklies and LOD cracks. This would be easy to fix by converting them into .ase 
	models, which would prevent LOD changes though and on low end systems this might 
	cause lower fps. Considering that sof2 retail levels also aren't sparkly free i 
	decided for the performance solution (leaving the sparklies/cracks). Also, low
	geometry setting is "unsupported" as it causes texture distortions in on certain 
	architecture (you can use it anyway, just don't be surprised to see distorted 
	textures in a certain building).
	Good gameplay for ctf/inf with 10 to 20 players. (support up to 64)
	The sewers are not accessible in elimination gametype (i.e. the map is much smaller 
	for elimination gametype).
	In ctf, the flags have to be brought down to the main floodgates, into the cages
	with the corresponding color (on enemy side to be exact), not back to your own 
	teams flagposition.
	If your monitor/tft is of good quality in regards to contrast/brightness, then
	r_gamma 1.1 will provide the best atmosphere, for competitive play 1.35 should
	be fine. Higher values are needed on less bright monitors/tfts/cards. The map is
	NOT intended to be played at r_gamma 1.0. If the shadows have ugly square parts, 
	reduce brightness.
	If you haven't already done so, i suggest that you bind at least 3 keys to gamma
	settings, so you have the right brightness for every map. For example, mp_jor
	needs a very low r_gamma setting while mp_pra2 needs a considerably higher setting.
	You can adjust the brightness via the brightness slider in options and then type
	r_gamma into the console to check which value you ended up with. If its still too
	dark after moving the slider all the way to the right, you might like to know that
	this is r_gamma 2.0. This is not the highest gamma setting though, by changing
	r_gamma via console you can raise brightness straight up to r_gamma 3.0. Obviously
	you can also bind the values up to 3.0 to a key. To bind a key, you can type the 
	following into the console:

	bind p r_gamma 1.5

	this binds the button P to the gamma value 1.5. Better is to add this to all your
	sof2mp.cfgs (base/mp folder and mod folders) though, so you only have to do it once,
	for example:

	bind p "r_gamma 1.5"

	You can also just type any gamma value from 0-3 into the console, for example:

	r_gamma 2.5	

	To get the optimum out of your monitor, you can try the following:
	-increase contrast to maximum ont the monitor
	-raise brightness on it until black parts start getting greyish/whiteish
	-reduce brightness again till the black parts look almost pure black again
	(you can leave the brightness as high as you think the black looks nice)

	This should get the maximum out of your monitor. It shouldn't harm you monitor
	but of course I don't give any kind of warranty. Make sure that no light is
	falling onto the monitor screen. Preferably play in dark rooms, note though that 
	this is not good for your eyes.
	The map's layout is in fact quite simple. You may want to go to spec mode and fly
	out of the map bounds to get an idea of the overall layout. While the map seems 
	huge, you will realize that the layout concentrates combat on certain areas while
	offering a lot of strategicaly important points away from the main points of
	interest. This should allow any player to play any style once knowing the layout
	of the map. It's not intended to be a "cage fight" map though. For clans it's
	recommended to look closely at the map and maybe think about player distribution
	and make efficient use of voicecomms. The smarter clan will have great advantages,
	especialy at lower player counts (10-16).
	The bots work in all gametypes when running Goldrush (and probably with some
	versions of the Mandown mod also), but the waypoints are optimized for DM/TDM.
	They do not approach the Main Floodgates on their current route. This concentrates
	combat onto the market area, its 6 buildings and the subway.
	Use of this map and anything related to it is purely at own risk. The author is not 
	liable for any damage and/or data loss arising out of the use of any of the files 
	included. This includes but is not limited to nuclear meltdown of your pc, 
	constipation, loss of eyesight, nervous twitching and the desire for senseless 
	This map can be distributed freely as long as the rights of Raven and other 
	concerned companies are not infringed, and this README is included in its 
	original form.
	If you find missing/misaligned textures or any other obvious mistakes, plz send 
	me a screenshot and/or description plus let know which version of sof2 you use. 
	As a "special" feature, you can include your clan tag, serverhost name or 
	whatever you feel like into the map. To make it work, follow these steps:

	-prepare a 1024 x 512 pixels (width x hight) .jpg of what you want to be seen

	-take the prepared "market_banner.shader" file, open it and look for the line
	"map textures/armory/sign_board1"

	-change "sign_board1" into the name of your jpg 

	-delete "/armory"

	-save the file

	-make a folder called "shaders" and drop "market_banner.shader" into it

	-make a folder called "textures" and drop your .jpg into it.

	-zip both directories with relative paths (not full paths!)

	-rename the resulting file into "mp_market_x.pk3" (with "_x" !!!)

	-place it into the /base folder of the server, where the map resides

	-make sure the server has autodownload enabled

	-(note: "exact/full" paths and "relative" paths are options in your favorite
	compression programm, "relative paths" should be default. If "relative" paths is
	chosen, inside the zip archive you don't see the drive letter in the path (for 
	example "c:" ))

	Some technical facts:
	     	7703 total world brushes
     		6398 detail brushes
		1624 structural brushes
     		4194 patches
     		5952 boxbevels
      		901 edgebevels
     		2044 entities
    		15344 planes
		1166 patch LOD groups
		12972 verts added for T-junctions
   		102498 total verts
		103.04 percent efficiency
		lightgrid: 853936 points
		248 total lightmaps
		1359 unique lightmap/shader combinations
	20.0 mb size after -bsp phase (277 seconds)
	20.4 mb size after -vis phase (162 seconds, 27mb passage memory)
	35.5 mb size after -light phase (33692 seconds with -lomem)

Credits in random order:

	ydnar		for answering many questions, making me rethink my usage of high
			res shadows, and for providing q3map2, without which this map
			wouldnt have been possible in its current form.

	obsidian	for answering many questions and for mentioning the keys that
			made the conditional shadows of the infiltration convoy possible.

	D!ablo		for enlighting me on some q3 engine related questions

	Skwasjer	for making Mirix, a tool for mirroring maps, that saved me hours
			of work.

	Godh		for providing the infos for the bot routes and Goldrush related

	thanks go out to all the ppl who helped looking for bugs/errors in early alphas,
	especialy Precam and Slug, but of course also all the others (not naming all so 
	i dont forget anyone;)

	Special thanks to all the ppl who contributed to the creation of GTKRadiant, which
	is a great 3D editor. The only one i know that is usable intuitively from the first
	moment on.

	To id software for making the great q3 engine.

	To everybody on q3w board where i have been asking tons of dumb questions.

	And of course to Raven for providing SoF2, which is still one of the best tac 
	shooters out there.



Important links:



© 2004 All Rights Reserved

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