Midnight Madness

A very nice map. Split into two clear sides, great for CTF. Also well laid out for any other game type thats supprted. I would say that if y...


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A very nice map. Split into two clear sides, great for CTF. Also well laid out for any other game type thats supprted. I would say that if you have 6 players, your going to have a great time here :D There are several ways accross the stream, which just makes this more intresting :D

I noticed a couple of minor texture probs, but nothing to stop you having a great time here. Try this map, and Im sure that you will like it, unless a dark and groomy power generation based in an urban enviroment with several traps isnt your kind of thing :D

Here are a couple more shots for you:-

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Download 'midmad.zip' (1.44MB)

Midnight Madness:

Version: Release

Map by warlord
e-mail: dataplus3@cox.net

Game Types Supported

Build Time: 50+ hours

Novice: Third SOFII Map

Inspiration: The map is a electric power generating and distribution facility
in a large city. This map is as close to mirror image as I can make it. It
is designed primarily for capture the flag but supports other modes. It is large
enough to support a higher number of players but still is fun for 2 to 4 for DM
or Infiltration. I like maps with illusion and suprises and this one has both
"don't believe everything you see or don't see". In CTF mode there are at least
4 distinct routes to the other teams flag but you have to work for it and defend
yourself no matter which one you choose. There are lots of toys to play with and
each side gets the same thing so it is fair, fun, fast and furious. If you are a
sneaky sniper there's plenty of places to bushwack from. I think infiltration would
be particularly fun to plan on this map. Enjoy! 

Suggested Players: 6-12 

Known bugs:   

Compile Time: 24 hours + due to the heavy use of wire and girders for the towers
fencing, etc.

This is the 4th SOFII map I have done and will probably be my last original SOFII map
for a while. Takes up way to much time that I need to be spending doing other things.
I intend to finish the Gas Plant before I quit though. What I have learned on this map
will make that one better too. The original plan for the finished size of that map was
about twice the size of the beta and has outdoor areas as well as the indoor areas.
One thing that I have learned well is that you guys that have done these maps
deserve more credit than anyone gives you for the work that goes into them. I am sometimes
awestruck at the detail that some of you really good mappers put into your maps. The
variety of maps that you have done adds much to everyones enjoyment of this game.

Installation: Unzip the MidMad.pk3 to the SOFII/base

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