Mikhail Antique Kalashnikov

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Mikhail Antique Kalashnikov

Info: This puppy has taken me around a month to make so i hope y'all like it. As most skinners know it can be a real nightmare to get a nice gold effect, but i've tried to get a tone that doesn't distract you from your fragging whilst looking nice and realisitc - Made the main body of the beast gold, made the magazine and bayonet chrome and gave all the wood a stained, beech look. 

(if u like this look for my antique shottie as i based most of the tones for this ak on it and they work really well together, or just wait until i release the antique skinpack in a few days) 

Installation: Just extract the pk3 to your sof2/base/mp directory and to uninstall simply delete the pk3 or remove it from the folder.

Terms of use: You are > encouraged < to distribute this file by any possible means as long as the author is given appropriate credit. Oh and.... if this file blows your computer up (which i dont think it should do) don't go taking any legal action (unless its a mac in which case i'll just laugh in your face :) ).


N-O-T-E: With this and all my future work im gonna get the idea down, release it, take note of the user comments and, if necessary, use them to construct a beta if theres anything that people seem to want adding, removing, lightening, darkening etc....... so make sure u leave a comment please.



email: creeper_ace@yahoo.co.uk
clansite: http://www.ieclan.20m.com 

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